Management Team

Reed J. Caldwell
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Reed Caldwell is the founder and CEO of ServInt. Founded in 1995, ServInt has since expanded its network nationwide with data centers in Los Angeles, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Caldwell's vision and leadership have led ServInt to become one of the most successful privately held hosting companies in the U.S.

Reed is a member of San Diego Social Venture Partners (SDSVP) and a Strategic Advisor for the Equinox Center in San Diego. Reed is an active venture philanthropist and lives in Southern California.

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Christian Dawson
Chief Operating Officer

Christian Dawson joined ServInt in 1998. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2009. In his current role, he is responsible for the overall management of ServInt's business operations, including sales, marketing, business development and customer support. His focus on ServInt's product and service offerings, integrated with his cultivation of the company's public presence, have helped ServInt increase its market share every year.

Mr. Dawson also created and introduced ServInt's Green Hosting Initiative in 2008. He was a founder of the Save Hosting initiative, designed to galvanize web hosting providers in matters of public policy, and is currently Chairman and co-founder of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition.

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Matthew Loschert
Chief Technology Officer

Matt has managed the technical development of ServInt's award-winning web-hosting services since joining the Company in 1998. During his tenure, Matt has led ServInt through all its critical technical initiatives, including the launch of ServInt's dedicated, VPS and cloud hosting product lines — and the development of ServInt's proprietary server virtualization optimization system, SimpleScale™.

He has continued to refine ServInt's offerings by embracing the adoption of new technology through new vendor partnerships and internal systems development. Matt's forward-thinking approach has helped ServInt maintain its position as a globally recognized leader in managed VPS and dedicated server hosting solutions.

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Leslie Molina

Leslie has been with ServInt since October of 1999, when she started as a part-time sales assistant. Within a few years she moved into her area of expertise and took over the Billing department. As ServInt's Controller, Leslie oversees order processing and customer billing. She also ensures the smooth operation of all of ServInt's financial operations by maintaining relationships with key vendors, managing accounts payable and overseeing all internal financial analysis.

Fritz Stolzenbach
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

For the last 25 years, Fritz Stolzenbach has led marketing and corporate communications efforts at a wide range of Internet, telecom, entertainment and utility industry enterprises.

In the mid-1990s, Stolzenbach helped build the largest U.S. distribution network for satellite television provider DIRECTV. He then joined the management team that launched the HughesNet satellite internet platform, as well as Spacenet's Connexstar wide area networking service. By the mid-2000s, Stolzenbach was Global Director of Marketing for the world's largest satellite fleet operator, Intelsat Ltd. From 2006 until 2010, Stolzenbach was co-owner and CMO of his own multimedia production company, Asparagus Media Inc.

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Kevin Nicastro
Vice President of Innovation and Technology

Prior to joining ServInt in 2004, Kevin designed and managed IP networks for several of America's leading global-reach Internet service providers. His 17 years of experience, along with his respected standing as a hosting and network industry innovator, help ServInt maintain its reputation for security and reliability. As Vice President of Innovation and Technology, Kevin is responsible for continually enhancing ServInt's suite of products and services, to ensure that our customers enjoy the best technology the hosting industry has to offer.

Devon Rutherford
Director of Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Having spent more than 20 years in technical sales, Devon brings a wealth of hands-on experience in VPS and enterprise hosting to ServInt's sales team. His expertise in network hardware, server configuration and sales management provides ServInt customers with innovative new products, strategies and incentive programs, and his consultative sales support approach helps drive the development of creative and unique hosting solutions.

Devon joined ServInt in 1998, designing high-end server cluster and load-balancing solutions, and oversaw the implementation of multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) projects for ServInt clients. His online experience extends to nearly every aspect of the Internet and our operation including order processing, hardware deployment and ServInt's Managed Customer Support services.

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Curtis Berry
Director of Information

Since joining ServInt in 1997, Curtis' engineering skills and management background have helped develop and implement the vast majority of the OSS which ServInt employs today. Our innovative systems, superior product delivery and outstanding customer support are attributable to Curtis' talents and foresight.

Prior to joining ServInt, Curtis served 11 years in the Arlington, Virginia fire department as a Hazardous Materials Specialist.

Brian Loomis
Director of Provisioning

Brian Loomis joined the ServInt family in 1998 as a member of the original Network Operations Center. Today, Loomis serves as the Director of Provisioning, supervising product provisioning, hardware management, and high-level technical troubleshooting. He is responsible for managing aspects of hardware and platform life-cycle, including growth planning, procurement, installation, turn-up, disposal and recycling. He also assists in the management of all ServInt data centers planning build-out, refining maintenance procedures, and overseeing day-to-day operations.

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Michael Witty
Director of Network Compliance

Mike Witty started his career in web hosting with ServInt in early 2000 as a customer support technician. Today, Witty leads ServInt's Network Compliance department, guiding a team charged with protecting the integrity of ServInt's network, enforcing ServInt's Acceptable Use Policy, and helping to educate clients and staff on operating and maintaining a safe and secure network presence in accordance with prevailing legal standards and practices.

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Jim Tricarico
Director of Managed Services

Jim Tricarico joined ServInt in 2003 as a technician in ServInt's Managed Services team. Tricarico played an active role in the development of ServInt's VPS and SuperVPS product lines. In 2010, after years of leadership within ServInt's support division, Jim moved up to lead ServInt's customer support function as Director of Managed Services. His years of experience have given him the ability to navigate the daily challenges present in providing world-class service to customers around the world with highly diverse technical requirements.

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Taylor Larkin
Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Taylor works closely with the rest of the management team to refine business procedures and continually improve daily operations. Her duties include identifying ways to optimize operational efficiencies that benefit both ServInt's employees and customers. Taylor joined ServInt in 2009, and has taken on numerous responsibilities including overseeing Human Resources, where she has guided ServInt as it has more than doubled its staff.