SimpleScale™ ServInt's proprietary server scaling and virtualization system

As one of the first hosting companies to offer virtualized servers to its clients, ServInt has long been a leader in providing easy, rapid server scalability -- and lower IT operating costs -- to the online business community. ServInt's proprietary "multi-vector" scaling system, SimpleScale™, is the reason why. Combined with our exceptional customer support, its server scaling capabilities are what make us better than the average cloud or VPS hosting company.

Why is SimpleScale so special? To begin with, it's comprised of more than 70,000 lines of code, written and continuously updated by our best engineers, over more than a decade. Each line of SimpleScale code was crafted to enhance our customers' user experience, allowing provisioning and server scaling of our customers' servers with incredible speed. Another part of SimpleScale ensures that our customers always receive the bandwidth, RAM and CPU to which they're entitled. And, on the customer service end, it's the technology that empowers our support team to make instantaneous, functional changes to server parameters to meet our customers' requirements.

In other words — though it runs quietly in the background, away from public view — SimpleScale is one of the primary reasons our customers trust their businesses to ServInt.