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Nameserver FAQs

This article answers some basic questions about nameservers at ServInt. To learn more about how nameservers work and what type to choose for your solution check out The Role of Nameservers.

Can we set up our own private nameservers? What’s the cost?

At ServInt you have root access to your server as well as full administrative access to the control panel, along with all the advantages those two capabilities bring. Among other things, this allows you to set up your own nameservers at no charge. Open a ticket in your customer portal if you need assistance.

If you’re using the cPanel control panel and you wish to run your own nameservers, you will be able to configure them in WHM (see below).

How do I assign default nameservers for all new domain accounts in cPanel/WHM?

In WHM, navigate to Basic cPanel/WHM Setup and scroll to the bottom. Replace Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 with your primary and secondary nameserver choices (e.g. and Click “Save Changes.”

Can I use ServInt’s nameservers instead of running my own?

We recommend that control panel users run their own custom private nameservers as it allows the control panel to take better advantage of all the control panel’s features. Alternatively, our customers may use ServInt’s nameservers at no additional charge. One disadvantage in doing so, however, is that any and all DNS requests must submitted to the MST by request through a ticket in the customer portal.

How do I register my nameservers?

Registering nameservers is done at the registrar level. Due to the number of registrars available (GoDaddy, Namecheap, Enom, etc.), we can not provide specific directions on how to register nameservers at every registrar.

However, registering nameservers is a very common and universal practice, so you should be able to simply search for “register nameservers” on your registrar’s website.

Please contact your registrar for specific instructions if the steps are not apparent.

I’ve registered my private nameservers. When will they start working?

Private nameservers generally take around 24-72 hours to propagate. Remember, in addition to the changes you make at your domain’s registrar, you will also need to make the necessary changes in your DNS Zone on your server. If you have any questions, open up a ticket in your customer portal.

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