PowerPartner Affiliate and Referral Program

ServInt’s PowerPartner™ Affiliate Marketing Program FAQs

What is an affiliate marketing program?

An affiliate marketing program allows clients to embed trackable links to the program sponsor on their websites. When a user clicks these links and orders services, ServInt will issue a corresponding referral fee in the form of credit or cash. ServInt’s PowerPartner™ Program lets customers and non customers alike become affiliates for ServInt and earn cash or hosting credits. By promoting ServInt and using an appropriate referral link, you can subsidize, or in many cases, host your site for free with ServInt. Click here to read more about ServInt’s PowerPartner™ Program.

What is a conversion?

A conversion is a purchase that results from a clicked link on your site.

What is the difference between a campaign and an ad?

A campaign can be a single ad or a series of ads measured over a length of time. The purpose of a campaign is to better organize your ads by theme or by date.

What payout methods are available to PowerPartners?

PowerPartner™ referral credits can be paid out in hosting credits or cash via Paypal. Simply visit the PowerPartner™ section of your customer portal and click on “PowerPartner Campaigns / Reports” from the left hand links. Then, click “change” next to “Your Commissions are set to be applied as…”

What is my payout on the clients I refer to ServInt?

The current payout percentage for our PowerPartner™ Program is a 100% match of the referred client’s base monthly service subscription fee. The payout is based on the referred customer’s initial purchase, unless the Referred Customer downgrades to a smaller solution within the first two months of service. In which case, the Affiliate Fee will be calculated based on the smaller solution.

Please note: Any subsequent purchases made by the referred client do not qualify for payout, and ServInt reserves the right to change the payout percentages or payout schedule should we find evidence of fraudulent or unintended usage at any point in the future.

Can I find out who my PowerPartner™ referrals are?

ServInt maintains a strict privacy policy over the information of its customers. We will not disclose details of specific referrals to PowerPartners.

Does ServInt have a limit on the number of links I include on my site?

Provided your site falls within United States legal stands, you adhere to ServInt’s PowerPartner™ Agreement, and ServInt’s Acceptable Use Policy (assuming you’re a ServInt Client) – we do not restrict links by quantity.

Can I design my own banner?

You can use your PowerPartner™ referral link however you’d like, however you must abide by our Acceptable Use Policy, and you must ensure that your visitors know what they are clicking on when they use a referral link. We have a talented team of designers who would be more than willing to create artwork on your behalf. Just ask our Business Development Department.

Does ServInt allow PowerPartner™ referral links on sites with adult content?

We do not restrict PowerPartners by content. However, if you are a ServInt customer, your site must falls within United States legal guidelines, adhere to ServInt’s Acceptable Use Policy, and ServInt’s PowerPartner™ Agreement.

How long until I can expect my PowerPartner™ referral commissions?

If a customer uses your link to purchase a product from ServInt, you will receive a commission on your next invoice roughly 60 – 90 days after the initial purchase. Having a customer maintain at least 60 days of service helps ServInt weed out fraud.

Once the referred customer has submitted payment for two full months of service, cash payments made via PayPal take place each month.

I am a reseller, can my customers use the PowerPartner™ program?

ServInt’s PowerPartner™ program is open to customer and non-customers alike. They are welcome to sign up here.

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