VPS Basics

What is the difference between a ServInt VPS account and a shared server account with another host?

Other companies’ consumer-grade shared hosting services are a world apart from ServInt’s Cloud VPS product line. In a shared hosting environment, customers all share the same hardware, resources, and some of the same software on a host machine. With ServInt’s Cloud VPS products on the other hand, customers each have their own private area with their own software configurations and dedicated hardware resources such as CPU and RAM. This allows for far better security for the customer as well as peace of mind knowing that they are not competing with other customers for server resources.

As for the user experience, one of the main differences when coming to ServInt from a shared hosting environment is you will be responsible for the configuration and maintenance of any third party software. Our Managed Services Team (MST) will take care of the install with the default configuration upon request. You will also have access to the full version of cPanel/WHM. This will provide you with many tools to assist with the administration of your VPS. The ServInt University and the MST can help you become familiar with these utilities.

ServInt accepts complete responsibility for everything installed and delivered with your server. We patch and update the base operating system, as well as primary applications such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL when necessary. We install third-party software, monitor a variety of services on each account, and proactively resolve issues that present themselves. You will be responsible for what you do with the server from there. Our MST is available 24×7 to help in any way possible.

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