Billing and Payments

How does ServInt’s billing cycle work?

ServInt has 2 billing cycles. Cloud VPS and Flex VPS products and some legacy products are billed from the beginning to the end of each month. Non-virtualized dedicated servers are on our usage cycle which is billed from the 21st of one month to the 20th of the next month.

All invoices go out on or about the 21st of each month and payment is due by the 1st of the following month, regardless which cycle you are on. You will notice a “service period” and a “usage period” on each invoice. The service period is the upcoming period of time that you are being billed for the package that you are on. The usage period will reflect any overages you had from 21st of the previous month through the 20th of that current month.

For example, if you have a VPS product, the bill that will be generated and sent out on the December 21st will be a prepayment for the month of January – that is your service period. You will see a usage period on that bill that says November 21 – December 20; if you had any overages during that period, they would be reflected on this invoice.

Because your first full month of service must be paid in full when you sign up, your first invoice will reflect a pro-rated charge from the day the account was signed up to the last day of that month. If your account was set up on auto-bill, charges to the credit card will appear on the day the invoice is generated.

Billing information is available through the customer portal. Please log in any time to view or pay your bill. And is you have specific questions, our Billing department is available M-F 9-5 EST, and we are happy to help. Please do not hesitate to live chat, email, or open a ticket and we will be happy to answer any questions or resend invoices. You can find our contact information on the ServInt contact page.

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