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ServInt Managed Migration

Can ServInt transfer my account from my old host to ServInt?

With ServInt Managed Migration™, we’ll move your files and databases from your current hosting company for you. We’ll even take care of establishing any custom configurations you need. Once the transfer is complete, just change the DNS for a seamless, no-hassle switch to ServInt. And ServInt Managed Migration is FREE when you establish a new account.

Important things to remember about ServInt Managed Migration™

  • ServInt Managed Migration works for cPanel to cPanel and Plesk to cPanel* transfers only. Sorry, we can’t handle the migration for other control panels.
  • Update the operating system and cPanel on your existing server to the most recent versions before we start the migration. Older versions may not transfer correctly or may result in compatibility issues.
  • Provide us with SSH access for every account you want transferred. “Root” access is helpful too, but not required.
  • Save copies of any SSL certificates currently on your server. Certs don’t always automatically transfer and may need to be reinstalled once the migration is complete. Save the contents of the .crt file, the .key file, and .cabundle (where applicable).

ServInt Managed Migration™ handles the ‘heavy lifting,’ but keep in mind:

  • Firewalls or server performance issues on your current server may prevent us from being able to efficiently transfer your data.  If we experience a problem, we’ll let you know so you can troubleshoot your current server.  We cannot remedy issues that exist on the source server.
  • Migrations can take a few minutes to a few hours. If you have hundreds of accounts on your existing server or your old server is overloaded, it may be a few days, but we’ll get it done as fast as possible.
  • We need to know about any special or custom configurations on your current server.  It will make the transfer much faster, and reduce the chances of transfer failures or service problems after the transfer.
  • ServInt’s VPS products run all of the latest major versions of the core software. If your websites use alternative versions (e.g., your sites work with PHP4 instead of PHP5), let us know prior to the migration. There are some compatibility limitations where cPanel and older software versions are concerned; if you’re uncertain about compatibility, just ask.
  • If you’re using INNODB, PostgreSQL, or some other database structure, let us know so that we can either enable it on your new ServInt VPS or advise you that it’s not supported (MSSQL, Oracle, etc.). cPanel transfers can only handle MySQL MyISAM databases.
  • When the transfer is complete, you’ll need to update DNS or other records with your domain name registrar.

*Please note: ServInt does not support the Plesk control panel.

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