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How much will my Jelastic trial account cost?

ServInt’s Jelastic cloud is a pre-paid service that debits your account as you use resources at a rate starting at $.02 US per cloudlet hour and $.0001 US per GB hour of disk.

The Jelastic trial account is a free service, but you can easily determine the cost of Jelastic for your particular application by viewing the usage statistics. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into your Jelastic control panel.
  2. Click on your e-mail address in the upper-right corner and select “View Statistics.”
  3. Next, select start and end dates that correspond to the service dates you wish to sample.
  4. Select “month” for the interval.
  5. Click “Refresh” if necessary.
  6. Once the results appear, expand the view, add up the numbers in the usage column next to the Jelastic symbol and multiply by .02. Then add up the numbers to their left (with a hard drive symbol) and multiply them by .0001.
  7. Add these two numbers together and you will have the cost of your Jelastic deployment (in $US) over the time period you sampled.

As an example, if you have a 10-day sample with a cloudlet total of 1050 and a disk total is 5600:
1050 x .02 = $21.00 US
5600 x .0001 = $0.56 US
The cost of the 10-day deployment would have been $21.56, or about $64.68 US for the month.

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