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ServInt’s Backup Solution

How do our back-ups work?

ServInt’s network backs up all Cloud VPS and Dedicated and Flex VPS and Dedicated servers once per day (also available as an add-on for Bare Metal servers). The backup system makes an initial complete replica of your data. From that point, changed blocks are recorded by the kernel in real time, eliminating the need to scan the disks before backing up. Then, for each subsequent backup, the deltas at the block level are stored in a “Disk Safe” on our secure and redundant backup arrays. Because only the changed blocks are transmitted to the backup server, network and disk I/O consumption are a fraction of other backup methods like ‘rysnc’ or ‘tar’, both of which transmit changed files instead of blocks and require filesystem scans for each execution.

How many restore points are there? How long do they last?

A minimum of two daily restoration points and two bi-monthly restore points are retained at any given time. However, though this is unlikely, actual available restore points at any given time could be fewer. While we strive for a minimum of 4 restore points per environment, there are many factors that could affect this including server crash, destruction and recreation of environment at customer’s request, migration or upgrade of environment to new hardware, or backups taking a long time to complete due to either high rate of data change on customer server or high I/O load caused by customer exceeding I/O resources of their package tier.

We therefore recommend that all customers also maintain their own backups independent of ServInt’s network. It is ServInt’s position that you can never have too many backups of your critical data.

How much of my data is backed up?

ServInt backs up the entire virtual environment. This includes all user data, databases, logs, and system files. It is generally recommended that users dump their MySQL tables with ‘mysqldump’ from time to time. While the potential for corruption is low, open MySQL database files with uncommitted data could be corrupt on a restore and require table repair. We have not encountered this problem in practice, but it exists in theory and is recommended by the vendor, at least for extremely busy sites.

How do I access my backups?

Restoration of files from our backup system may incur an hourly fee of $150. To access your backups, simply open a ticket through your customer portal requesting a restoration. Our technicians will be happy to work with you to retrieve your data. We’re able to recover individual files, complete directories, or entire servers.

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