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Maximizing Site Speed with ServInt’s New Resource Graphing Tools

Site speed is all about page load times. But what causes one site (or one page) to load faster than another?

The short answer is that it depends on the site and the server. Each combination is unique, but there’s a lot you can do to find your bottleneck.

Even to experienced developers, the traditional VPS or cloud server sold by most hosting companies can be something of a black box. There are specs listed on the company’s site; there may even be a control panel that reminds you of the power of your server. But in the end, you make a purchase and hope that the hardware is fast enough for your application.

But how much of your allotted resources are you actually using, and how much do you have in reserve for growth?

ServInt can answer that question — by taking away the server-as-black-box paradigm and replacing it with something truly revolutionary: 100% cloud transparency.

With our propriety Cloud VPS server analytics, we give you full access to the inner workings of your cloud server. You can track exact usage of CPU, RAM, disk space and inodes, disk IOPS, network traffic and packets, and unix load.

all resources out

So, how do you use these tools to speed up your site? The first step is to ensure that you have the resources your site needs. ServInt Cloud VPS customers can use their resource graphs to confirm that they have plenty of RAM, CPU, and disk space for their applications. Simply log into your customer portal to view your graphs. You’ll be able to see in an instant which resources — if any — are maxing out.

The second step to maximizing your server’s speed is to ensure that you have enough resources in reserve to handle future growth in site traffic or site modifications. Some users assume that if their server worked yesterday, it should work today. But the Internet is a dynamic place. Visitor traffic patterns change and site updates can draw different resources on your server. Every site should maintain some portion of server resources in reserve for future use. This will give you the chance to optimize your code or upgrade into a bigger server before you run out of a resource.

Site speed doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. ServInt’s resource graphing tools allow you to measure and analyze all your important server statistics. And this is all built on top of our fastest platform yet: our all-SSD Cloud VPS, powered by SolidFire.

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