Server Security

“Hardening” Your Server Against Attack

Too many hosts lull customers into a false sense of security. They post long lists of “security tweaks,” many of which come standard, and ignore the fact that most problems occur when users add insecure scripts or programs to their servers.

With ServInt, your server security is a top priority. Servers are delivered secure, hardened, and protected from millions of exploits found in the wild — but we also want to engage you in a partnership to meet your security needs.

While the installation of third-party software applications, alteration of preferences and permissions, and other software customization decreases the security of your server, our technical staff is always on hand to offer guidance and advice on ways to mitigate these issues. We can work with you as a partner to ensure you have a stable, secure server environment while helping ensure you have as much accessibility as possible.

A more detailed list of services we provide for our CentOS customers follows below:

  • Harden Apache
    • prevent information disclosure
    • disable insecure SSL protocols
  • Harden MySQL
    • disable network access (can be re-enabled if necessary)
    • remove test database
    • removed password-less access
  • Harden SSH
    • prevent root logins
    • allow ssh protocol 2 only
  • Harden FTP
    • disable anonymous ftp access
  • Harden DNS (named)
    • disable recursion from non-local addresses
  • Harden Cron (crond)
    • add empty, immutable crontabs for non-privileged users
  • General Hardening
    • enable minimal services by default
    • disable insecure SSL protocols
    • scan for and remove directories with unsafe ownerships or permissions
    • enforce nosuid, nodev, noexec on /tmp
  • Harden cPanel
    • install (but do not enable) CSF
    • disable insecure features
    • enforce SSL service access wherever possible

ServInt’s Managed Services Team monitors our network and host nodes 24/7, backs up all VPS and dedicated servers nightly, and helps ensure that in the event of an attack you’ll be up and running again as soon as possible.

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