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Loving your business is the way to success

I recently stopped by a local donut shop to pick up some morning treats for our Managed Service Team. It reminded me of those old commercials with the guy waking up in the middle of the night because it’s “time to make the donuts”. Those spots were a hit — not because we enjoyed somebody working through the night, but because he managed to convey what it’s like to have a true passion for a seemingly never-ending task most of us would find pretty thankless.

A lot of ServInt’s customers are like the donut guy. They’re small business owners, entrepreneurs, and passionate workers. If they have to get up in the middle of the night to make sure their store is ready, they’ll do it. If they don’t, they might fail.

ServInt’s Managed Services Team has to have the same mentality. We can’t just get up to prepare a shop; we never close in the first place. With as many businesses as we host, there’s always someone who is running into an issue. They won’t sit around when something is broken, so neither can we. Our team works around the clock to monitor and maintain; to proactively and reactively address issues for literally tens of thousands of websites.

It takes passion to be there all day, every day, and make sure the trains run on time. It might be different in other parts of the web hosting industry, which treat their product like a utility. I don’t think they’re “time to make the donuts” guys. Those of us in the managed services portion of the market — at least the good ones — have to be.

A lot of people wonder how you can have passion for this kind of job. It’s pretty rare for people to contact you when they’re happy. They’re busy people who need problems solved, not a friendly chat, and they often don’t mince words.

What makes the donut guys get up so damned early and what makes the ServInt team go back to the well time and time again, always with a smile? I think it’s two things.

The first is that helping people solve their problems can be pretty fulfilling. We get to help people out of tough situations every day so they can get back to the things they should be focusing their time and energy on.

The other thing is — and we don’t say this enough — that what we do in this industry is important. The world’s digital infrastructure (which means pretty much the entire economy) rests on the backs of companies like ServInt. We get to help businesses grow and scale and let them put food on their families’ tables.

I like to think ours is a noble profession. Our team holds its head high and is proud of what it does. Our customers have to drag themselves out of bed in the middle of the night when their business is at risk. We owe it to them to be there when they do. It’s a purpose perhaps even greater than making the mighty donut.

Photo by @joefoodie.

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