Installing MediaWiki on a Cloud VPS server

A wiki can be versatile tool. It can be used as a platform to communicate information with customers, an internal resource for your business, or even a place to creatively collaborate. The most popular wiki software is MediaWiki, which can be installed with a single click if you use Softaculous, a ServInt Add-On. Even if you don’t, it’s still possible to manually install the software.

To manually install, follow these instructions.

1) Download the latest version of the software here.

Download screen

2) Unzip the .tar.gz file. Windows users can do so with 7-Zip, which can be freely downloaded here. Mac users will use the Archive Utility.

3) Create a directory on your server, for example /wiki/, and upload the unzipped files into it.

New Folder

4) Log into cPanel and navigate to the MySQL Databases section. Create a new database, using whatever name you desire.

MySQL Databases

New Database

5) Add a user to the new database. Make sure you give the user all privileges for that database.

New User


6) Open your web browser to the wiki’s directory and click on the “set up the wiki” link.

7) On the next page, select the languages you wish to use and press continue.


8) You will then be notified if your server is compatible with this MediaWiki installation. If it is, proceed.

Compatability Check

9) Enter your database settings. Select MySQL for database type. Under database host, enter “localhost”. Enter the information for the database you created earlier, with the user you assigned to it.

MySQL Settings

10) On the following page, you can configure the database settings. In most cases, you can leave these settings as defaults.

Database settings

11) Input the wiki’s name and set up an administrator account.

Final Setup

12) Finally, you can further configure your settings through the wizard by selecting “Ask me more questions” or you can simply complete the installation with default settings by selecting “I’m bored already”. Click on the continue twice and the wiki will go through the installation process.


13) If the installation succeeds, you will then be asked to download a “Localsettings.php” file. Do this and upload it into the wiki’s directory. Now when you visit this directory, your wiki will be ready to use!

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 5.38.16 PM

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