Executive Corner

New Faces In New Places

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the ServInt Source, our Twitter feed, or our Facebook page recently, you’ll have noticed lots of announcements about our staff.

In the past few weeks, we’ve promoted Jim Tricarico to Director of Managed Services, we appointed Mike Witty to head our Network Compliance division, and the one and only Brian Loomis was appointed to lead our Provisioning team.

That’s not it either, we have more announcements to come, including an exciting one next week, which will continue to help facilitate our incredible growth and gear us up for some big things coming up down the road.

With all the news of new people taking on new roles, I wanted to take this chance to better explain why we’re making some of these management changes and what that means for the next wave of ServInt’s products and services. It’s been a pretty open-secret that we’re working on some really cool new things, and while details on some of the bigger ones still remain cloudy, we hope to have some big new announcements soon.

In the meantime, these new appointments are fun to talk about because they not only gear us up for what’s to come but indicate just how much we’ve grown in the past year. I have one fun fact that will help illustrate that growth:

Since this time last year our Managed Services Team has DOUBLED in size!

Let’s face it, support is what we do best. In our 15 years, we’ve changed technologies numerous times, but at the end of the day our most passionate advocates always come back to just how great our support team is.

Well, imagine all that awesomeness, now double it. That’s our MST right now.

Our fantastic support team has helped us accomplish some amazing things in that year. Here are just a couple of the big ones:

ServInt LA

Last year we opened our first west coast data center at ServInt LA. The idea behind this data center was to specifically improve our network connectivity to Central America, Asia, and Oceania (including, of course, Australia and New Zealand). ServInt LA has been an incredible success and we’re continuing to expand our operations in California.

The Solo Series and Disk Space Bump

This year we introduced a brand new product and improved our most popular product line.

The idea behind the Solo Series was simple, combine powerful dedicated hardware with the flexibility of a VPS. The success of the line speaks for itself.

In June, we announced we were going to add nearly half a petabyte of disk space to our entire VPS line for free! Plus, we beat our original 90 day window by more than a month!
Those are some pretty cool accomplishments. And I only bring them up to whet your appetite for more. And to contextualize all these staff announcements you’re seeing from us, which are either a response to past successes or an effort to gear up for future ones. So what’s our secret?

Well, I think Brian Loomis said it best on Wednesday. Our goal is to make you look good.

ServInt is a family, and our family is growing. We’re growing because we want to make web hosting as easy and as reliable as possible,  so you can forget about the technology and focus on your business. We’re moving forward so we can more easily find new ways to surprise  and delight  you.

These announcements are exciting to me. If you’re not excited too, just wait!


Photo by See-Ming Lee

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