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Engineering is Beyond the Network

Hi, I’m Kevin Nicastro, ServInt’s New Director of Engineering.

After joining ServInt in 2004, I was appointed as ServInt’s lead network architect. Alongside my colleagues in our Managed Services and Provisioning Teams, we helped create the VPS, SuperVPS, and Solo Series servers many of you enjoy today. We also created ServInt’s incredibly fast, robust and reliable network, which I am extremely proud of.

Today, as head of ServInt’s Engineering Department, my team and I are tasked with developing, building, and maintaining our products and network. In this post, I’ll talk a little bit about our operating philosophy, and further explain ServInt’s strategy for improving our connectivity all over the world.

On top of our daily duties managing ServInt’s network, our engineering team is also in a constant cycle of research and development. This involves testing new hardware and software, building new potential products, and just generally having a great time playing with the next generation of hosting platforms.

At ServInt, our concept of engineering goes way beyond the network. We strive to stay competitive in a rapidly expanding industry so our clients are never left behind. That means constantly updating our host nodes with the latest hardware, deploying free resource upgrades to our VPS and SuperVPS customers, and cultivating a culture of experimentation and creation within our development team.

From a technological standpoint, this industry has long been sink or swim, and ServInt has been swimming with the best for more than 15 years. When I first came aboard 6 years ago, I was astounded at the longevity of the staff. Myself excluded, every single member of our engineering team has been at ServInt for 10 years or more. These are Engineers who know this industry inside and out, who know the internet inside and out, and who understand, intimately, the needs of businesses in an evolving technological landscape.

Our Engineering Team believes in a pragmatic and aggressive style of innovation. If I had to nail down our philosophy in a single sentence, it would be this: Innovate at the pace of business.

That means that while we don’t blindly fall for industry hype, we also don’t ignore progress. My team and I are committed to making sure that every single product and service that ServInt offers lives up to our name and reputation. It’s going to do what you expect it to do, and it’s going to do it better than the competition.

So when you upload your new site to a ServInt VPS, remember there are a group of hardworking engineers on the other side making sure your VPS is cutting edge and your business stays up and running!

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