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When troubleshooting servers, there are a few sites that the ServInt MST seems to go back to again and again. Whether it’s a reference page or a testing tool, the links below are just a few of the valuable resources our MST uses on a daily basis. And if you you’ve got a favorite, we’d love to hear about it. Sometimes you need to quickly look up your IP address. We wrote our own tool just for that.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me In case you’re not sure the reason you can’t access a site is because of a local networking issue or an actual site outage. This a great little tool that looks into the health and configuration of your DNS and suggests any needed fixes. This is a great place to start when troubleshooting DNS issues or just checking the status of your nameserver setup.

MX Toolbox This site contains a few free tools for DNS, nameserver, MX and WHOIS lookups along with a bunch of other specific lookups in their SuperTool beta.

Exim Cheatsheet If you’re interested in something a little more advanced, this is a reference some of our techs use when troubleshooting Exim mail servers.

Networking4All SSL Support Tools If you’ve purchased an SSL certificate, this site provides a variety of tools to test its installation.

Building a Poor Man’s Barracuda WHM/cPanel comes with SpamAssassin which has a large number of options to set up. This article helps to explain and utilize many of them.

And of course there are our own resources, the ServInt University, and for our customers, the ServInt Forums are a great place to look for answers that our customers have found to many tech questions.

We hope you find these links as useful as we do. But if it’s all just a little overwhelming, don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

Note: By including a link on the list above, ServInt is not endorsing the purchase of any paid-for service. Also, though we tend to find the above links helpful, ServInt has no control over the accuracy of any third-party content or tools.

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