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The Future of VPS Cloud Hosting is Clear – Transparent, Even

Today, ServInt continues the ongoing rollout of customer-facing and back-end improvements to our VPS hosting platform. Here’s a status report on our platform enhancements, as of Sep. 1:

You’ll see that there are two or three items on the list that are “coming soon.” When I say “soon,” I do mean “soon.” As always, we need to balance our desire to bring you platform improvements as quickly as possible with the need to make sure those enhancements are stable and customer-ready.  We’re almost there, and I appreciate your patience.

We’re very proud of these enhancements, about which you’ll be hearing more over the next few weeks. We believe they will result in a VPS hosting solution that radically outstrips anything offered by our competitors — and there’s more to come.  But I want to spend a little time reminding people about something we rolled out a week ago, in our first installment of these VPS platform enhancements, that may be the most significant addition we’ve introduced:

On August 21, all of ServInt’s SolidFire-powered hosting accounts started being covered by a new SLA that guarantees our SolidFire customers’ sites will never slow down because of a shortcoming in RAM, CPU, Disk or disk read/write operations per second (IOPS) on the server that hosts them. To keep us honest about that, we put a completely new, precedent-shattering set of system resource utilization graphs in our customer portal so clients can see exactly how their resources are being provisioned and consumed. What’s more, if those graphs show that a running server fails to deliver the proper amount of RAM, CPU, Disk, or IOPS for more than five minutes, we’re going to give our SolidFire customers an entire month of hosting for free.

Nobody else in the hosting industry offers anything like ServInt’s SolidFire Site Performance Guarantee, because nobody else can.  With this radically transparent approach to server resource reporting, we’re literally redefining VPS and the cloud.  You want to know how many cores you get with any of our VPS solutions?  ServInt will tell you — and then guarantee, and then prove to you that you’re getting every fraction of every core you were promised.  The same goes for RAM, disk, and even IOPS.  That’s what we mean when we say: if you’re a ServInt SolidFire hosting customer, we guarantee that your site will never slow down because of your server. And we’ll prove it.

ServInt may not be the only web host to tell you how much RAM, CPU, disk and IOPS you’ll be getting when you sign up — but we are most certainly the only web host willing and able to prove to you, on a near real-time basis, that you’re getting what you were promised… and that’s huge.

At ServInt, we have never been a simple infrastructure provider. We’re a solutions provider — and our goal is to provide the best solutions for our customers by not simply following, but establishing best practices in hosting technology design and customer care. Providing this performance, while offering premium levels of security, privacy and transparency has always been the foundation of the trust we’ve earned from our customers over the years. Simply put, we’re not willing to leave our customers’ livelihoods to chance. These upgrades are the right thing to do for you, and that’s the only reason we’re doing them.

So welcome to the transparent, honest, worry-free, high-performance future of VPS cloud hosting.  You’re going to like it here.

Photo by Ilham Rahmansyah 

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  1. Thanks for the links. A customer pointed out in the forums that the privacy policy page mentions it as being effective from 2011. Would be great if the newer portions could be in blockquote or bold etc. I am eager to hear from the engineering team about the network core and RAID stuff too.
  2. Reed its good that you offer upgrades, How i wish you also upgrade your customers service and take extra care to your long time loyal customers.
  3. Excellent questions. Let’s break them down. 1. We’ve inserted some links into the post to help you navigate to some of the content on our site you might be interested in. 2. As far as further explanation is concerned, we’ve got more blog content in the pipeline explaining many of these topics so stay tuned. For example, your question about network core and your loss of a RAID array has been passed to our engineering team for comment. Look to the ServInt source for more info soon. 3. Ah, the oft-asked question about what VPS means in the age of cloud. For that, I’ll direct you here.
  4. "Welcome to the transparent, honest, worry-free, high-performance future of VPS cloud hosting."
  5. ServInt's CEO @reedcaldwell on our latest improvements to our product line.
  6. "The futue of #Cloud hosting is clear -- transparent even." This week on the ServInt Source.
  7. As much as I appreciate all of these, it would be helpful if the above list linked to the new stuff where possible (Solidfire guarantee, new privacy policy, SLA) and also explained them in even simpler terms. For example, what does 'Redesigned network core' mean? It would help immensely if ServInt could explain this with how it would impact a disaster scenario like the one some of us customers had in the first week of May, when an entire RAID array failed. I lost a 5-year, marquee customer because of that outage which lasted 17+ hours, so I am eager to know in simpler, practical terms how the new network core would help if I had a Flex VPS and something similar were to occur in the future. The conflation of VPS hosting and cloud hosting terms is another sticky point for me. Please correct me if I am wrong, but real cloud is the ability to scale both horizontally and vertically various components of a data centre infrastructure (system, cpu, ram, internal network, disk etc.) - is that truly possible with ServInt's Flex VPS or SolidFire hosting, unlike Jelastic? I am genuinely curious to know.
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