Management Team

Reed Caldwell

Chief Executive Officer, ServInt

Reed Caldwell is the founder and CEO of ServInt. Founded in 1995, ServInt has since expanded its network nationwide with data centers in Los Angeles, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Caldwell’s vision and leadership have led ServInt to become one of the most successful privately held hosting companies in the U.S. Reed is a member of San Diego Social Venture Partners (SDSVP) and a Strategic Advisor for the Equinox Center in San Diego. Reed is an active venture philanthropist and lives in Southern California.

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Curtis Berry

Director of Infrastructure Support, ServInt

Since joining ServInt in 1997, Curtis’ engineering skills and management background have helped develop and implement the vast majority of the OSS which ServInt employs today. Our innovative systems, superior product delivery and outstanding customer support are attributable to Curtis’ talents and foresight.

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Leslie Molina

Leslie Molina

Financial Controller, ServInt

Leslie has been with ServInt since October of 1999, when she started as a part-time sales assistant. Within a few years she moved into her area of expertise and took over the Billing department. As ServInt’s Controller, Leslie oversees order processing and customer billing. She also ensures the smooth operation of all of ServInt’s financial operations by maintaining relationships with key vendors, managing accounts payable and overseeing all internal financial analysis.

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