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ServInt’s new Dedicated Server hosting solutions feature virtualization layer

ServInt, a pioneering provider of high-reliability web hosting for businesses worldwide, today introduced its new line of Dedicated Server solutions that incorporate a virtualization layer.

The addition of a virtualization layer on ServInt’s powerful Dedicated Servers provides a high-performance web-hosting and application-hosting solution that is ideally suited for established e-commerce sites, resellers and mid-size companies seeking manageability and high value.

The virtualization layer enables easier off-server backup. It also enables better scalability by facilitating easy movement of server content from one hardware environment to another, with little downtime. The benefit of the virtualization layer also increases redundancy, as it makes the Dedicated Server comparatively easy to rebuild in case of hardware failure.

“Our new line of Dedicated Server solutions provides customers with optimal control, providing the resources and scalability needed to meet business growth requirements,” said ServInt Founder and CEO Reed Caldwell. “While our virtualization layer uses Parallels Virtuozzo Containers as an engine, our proprietary methodology for hosting and managing dynamic servers ensures the highest server density, performance and availability.”

Over the years, ServInt experts have performed thousands of Dedicated Server customizations. That experience was critical in developing a virtualization layer that is superior to competing offerings. ServInt’s new line of Dedicated Servers is comprised of six offerings, each of which include the virtualization layer by default.

Those interested in learning more about ServInt’s new Dedicated Server solutions can call 800-573-7846 or visit

About ServInt

ServInt is a pioneering provider of high-reliability, managed cloud hosting services for enterprises worldwide. Founded in Northern Virginia in 1995, ServInt provides a range of IaaS, PaaS, VPS and dedicated server packages to hosting service resellers, web designers, developers and online businesses in more than 130 countries. To learn more about ServInt’s cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions, please call 1-800-573-7846 from the USA, +1-703-847-1381 from outside the USA or visit

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