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ServInt’s Jelastic cloud service is first North American public PaaS to offer Apache TomEE

/ Reston, Va.

ServInt, a pioneering provider of managed cloud hosting for businesses worldwide, today announced the latest in a series of planned upgrades to its auto-scaling Java and PHP Jelastic cloud service: the addition of Apache TomEE. Apache TomEE is one of the fastest and the most user-friendly, enterprise-ready application servers available.

“We are fulfilling a promise we made in concert with Jelastic last year to bring TomEE and Java EE compliance to our cloud platform,” said ServInt CTO Matt Loschert. “Jelastic is quickly becoming the go-to cloud service for Java programmers, and TomEE is the natural next step.”

David Blevins, founder of the TomEE project, said, “Jelastic’s support of Tomcat has always been top-notch, and its support of TomEE demonstrates true vision. TomEE joins the family of Tomcat, Glassfish, Jetty, Apache and NGINX already offered by Jelastic.”

Blevins added, “Jelastic isn’t simply combining the usual suspects into a platform that is identical to all other cloud platforms. They have put a significant amount of time into offering TomEE users the best experience possible. It’s very tightly integrated with the functionality of all the other layers of their stack, including load-balancing, replication, persistence to SQL or NoSQL databases, and more. Jelastic’s integration of TomEE is the best I’ve seen.”

Unlike other JEE application servers, TomEE avoids architecture overhead and stays lightweight and as simple as possible. With TomEE in ServInt’s Jelastic cloud, developers benefit from:

— A streamlined, enterprise-ready application server.

— An environment familiar to Tomcat users.

— Embedded OpenEJB, making testing EJBs a snap.

— Full compatibility with most Tomcat-aware and Tomcat-tested tools.

— The ability for servlets to now get access to JPA and Transactions.

— The ability to view or modify any Tomcat-provided resource files.

About Jelastic

Jelastic, Inc., based in Palo Alto, Calif., offers a Java and PHP server hosting platform for developers and hosting service providers. Jelastic is the only Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering designed specifically for hosting service providers to deploy and make available to their customers. Jelastic automatically scales Java and PHP applications and allocates server resources, thus delivering true next-generation Java and PHP cloud computing.

About ServInt

ServInt is a pioneering provider of high-reliability, managed cloud hosting services for enterprises worldwide. Founded in Northern Virginia in 1995, ServInt provides a range of IaaS, PaaS, VPS and dedicated server packages to hosting service resellers, web designers, developers and online businesses in more than 130 countries. To learn more about ServInt’s cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions, please call 1-800-573-7846 from the USA, +1-703-847-1381 from outside the USA or visit

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