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ServInt Announces Affordable Hosting Solutions and Services Personalized for Your Business

ServInt (, a global Cloud Services Provider delivering public, private, and hybrid hosting solutions, announced today enhanced support and customer care capabilities building on the recent release of expanded offerings and managed service packages.

Under the banner of “Personalized Hosting Solutions at Your Service,” the company is continuing to focus on providing a flexible, affordable range of infrastructure solutions, support, tailored and professional services that delivers performance, security, agility, and business growth to its clients. Core hosting solutions include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Azure, and more.

COO Bill Goss stated, “Our deep and long-standing commitment to our customers and the industry drives us to continually enhance and extend our offerings in terms of hosting solutions, customer support and value-added services.  We’ve been pushing hard to deliver the optimal mix and selection of capabilities to meet the diverse business and budget needs of our clients, while also keeping pace with a rapidly evolving marketplace.”

ServInt’s enhanced offerings deliver increased value to small, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises through simplified, tailored support; industry and technical expertise; and flexible hosting options.  “Our customers get their optimal infrastructure capability up and running fast with confidence so their attention stays focused in the right place – serving customers and growing the business,” said Goss.

For over 20 years, ServInt has led the industry in web hosting solutions and the launch of these new offerings demonstrates steady progress toward the company’s goal to provide the best combination of affordable infrastructure products and services bringing immediate and long-term value to current and new customers.

About ServInt

ServInt is a global Cloud Services Provider delivering public, private, and hybrid hosting solutions ranging from VPS and dedicated hosting and support packages to customized capabilities and managed services.  Business and IT leaders, web-hosts, eCommerce providers, SaaS and software developers, free-lancers and full-service marketing agencies depend on ServInt for affordable infrastructure, support, custom solutions and personalized managed services that deliver performance, security, agility, and business growth.  ServInt supports small, medium and large enterprises across industries such as financial services, retail, gaming, media, marketing, and healthcare.  ServInt has been a trusted infrastructure provider for over 20 years bringing deep domain expertise, continuous innovation, and lasting value to its customers.

To learn more about ServInt’s Dedicated, Bare Metal, Cloud, and VPS hosting solutions, please call 1-800-573-7846 from the USA (+1.703.847.1381, Intl.) or visit

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