Website Protection & Optimization Made Easy

CloudFlare technology makes protecting your website from malicious attacks easy. No more worries about comment spam, email harvesters, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, abusive bots and crawlers, and DDoS attacks. CloudFlare detects attacks on your website and across its network allowing the system to learn and prevent online threats from reaching your site.

What Is It?

CloudFlare acts as a proxy between website visitors and your ServInt server. The power of the CloudFlare technology gives you site security, a CDN, DNS and website optimization all in one easy to configure tool. Improve your overall website security and performance right from the ServInt Customer Portal.



Next-Generation CDN operating in 63 data centers worldwide. Content distributed from a location closest to the user, providing website load times that are 2x faster with 65% fewer requests and saving 60% of bandwidth, on average.


CloudFlare’s custom-built, fully-owned DNS service helps ensure that your website is online and always available. Additionally, the CloudFlare DNS service can resist the largest DDoS attacks and applies proper protections, including limiting, filtering and blocking.

Site Optimization

Automatically optimizes website pages and uses local storage on modern browsers and mobile devices to best render your site. Additionally, even third party resources won’t slow down your page load as CloudFlare optimizes your html and with asynchronous resource loading helps ensure quicker performance.

Site Security

Once CloudFlare detects new attacks, it starts to block the attack for the specific website and the entire CloudFlare network. By stopping threats before they get to the website helps you conserve bandwidth and resources, optimizing the resources for legitimate website traffic.

Site Analytics

CloudFlare provides insights into your website traffic, visitors and threats, which aren’t always available from other traffic analytics packages. Monitor in daily or in real-time, depending on the package you choose.

How Do I Get It?

Add the power of CloudFlare directly from the ServInt Customer Portal. Once you have added the CloudFlare service to your services, follow these simple instructions.

CloudFlare Plans

Free Plus Firewall Premium
Global CDN
Rocket Loader
DDoS Mitigation Basic Basic Basic Advanced
SSL Flexible Full Full Full
Traffic Analysis (refresh rate) 24 hrs 1 hr 15 mins 15 mins
Image Optimization and Image Compression
Web Application Firewall
Custom Web Application Firewall Rule Sets
Dedicated Solutions Engineer and Account Manager
Price Free $12/mo $18/mo $185/mo
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