Flex Dedicated Servers

(Single Tenant)

ServInt’s high-powered Flex Dedicated servers combine the scalability of cloud-based hosting systems with the reliability, security and management advantages of a single-tenant dedicated server. Our Flex servers are, in fact, dedicated servers — but they also allow users to quickly upgrade and downgrade their RAM and disk space without the need for a reboot. Moreover, utilizing ServInt’s proprietary SimpleScale™ virtualization technology, you can seamlessly upgrade or downgrade throughout our entire Flex line of products.

  • Dell or SuperMicro Enterprise Class Hardware
  • Free Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Hot swap drives with RAID 1 or RAID 10 on 8 and 16 core servers
  • On board SSD available
  • Trusted infrastructure provider for over 20 years

Concerned about outgrowing your dedicated server? Don’t worry, we’ll help you to upgrade quickly and effortlessly to a new, larger single-tenant machine in minutes.

Cores Memory Disk IP Addresses Bandwidth Price Purchase
4 16 GB 500 GB 2 10 TB
$0.10/GB overage
from $239/mo Buy
8 32 GB 500 GB
Nearline SAS RAID 1
2 12 TB
$0.10/GB overage
from $299/mo Buy
16 64 GB 1 TB
Nearline SAS RAID 10
2 14 TB
$0.10/GB overage
from $499/mo Buy

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