Flex Dedicated Servers
Redefining Dedicated Hosting

With ServInt’s Flex Dedicated Servers you don’t just get a dedicated server, you get a complete server solution.

Our powerful leading-edge hardware provides tremendous performance, while our SimpleScale™ virtualization provides real-time resource scalability. We retain secure, off-server backups for the safe keeping of your data, and include 24/7/365 Managed Support and monitoring to ensure your server’s up and running. Our dedicated server hosting gives you security, performance, and scalability in one unique, robust enterprise-grade package — all at an unbelievable price. 100% dedicated to you and your business needs.


  • Best-in-class hardware including the new E3-1270v5 and E5-2620v4 CPUs
  • Instantly upgrade/downgrade across many configurations
  • LiteSpeed, SiteLock, CloudFlare, Softaculous, and WHMCS available
  • Comes with cPanel/WHM, a LAMP stack, and 24/7/365 Managed Support
  • Our platform is engineered to work with your app, not the other way around
  • Off-server backups with free restorations on-demand
Flex 4 Core

Intel Xeon E3-1270v5 CPU

8 Logical Cores @ 3.6GHz


750GB HDD Storage (SSD Available)

2 IP Addresses

20 TB Bandwidth Transfer

CentOS or Ubuntu OS

cPanel/WHM (CentOS only)

Daily Off-Server Backups

24/7 Managed Support (CentOS only)


Flex 8 Core

Intel Xeon E5-2620v4 CPU

16 Logical Cores @ 2.1GHz


750GB HDD Storage (SSD Available)

Software RAID 1 Redundancy

2 IP Addresses

20 TB Bandwidth Transfer

CentOS or Ubuntu OS

cPanel/WHM (CentOS only)

Daily Off-Server Backups

24/7 Managed Support (CentOS only)

Flex 16 Core

2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620v4 CPU

32 Logical Cores @ 2.1GHz


1.5TB HDD Storage (SSD Available)

Hardware RAID 10 Redundancy

2 IP Addresses

20 TB Bandwidth Transfer

CentOS or Ubuntu OS

cPanel/WHM (with CentOS only)

Daily Off-Server Backups

24/7 Managed Support (CentOS only)

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Flex Dedicated Servers

Our Flex Servers are dedicated servers, but they also allow users to seamlessly upgrade and downgrade their RAM and disk space — without the need for downtime or even a reboot. In fact, ServInt’s proprietary SimpleScale™ virtualization technology allows you to upgrade or downgrade throughout our entire line of Flex products. You get the privacy and security of a dedicated server, with the ease of management only a virtualized environment can provide. Combine that with our managed support, full LAMP stack environment, and complete suite of add-on services, and our Flex Dedicated Server hosting provides extreme value.

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All of ServInt’s Flex Dedicated Servers Provide:

Dedicated Server
The full privacy, power, and customizability of dedicated hardware.

Highly Scalable
ServInt’s SimpleScale™ Technology allows for quick and easy upgrades, downgrades, or hardware replacement.

Rest easy knowing our aggressive SLA is there to ensure your solutions are up and accessible.

Daily Off-Server
Network Backups
Backup Retention and Disaster Recovery (BR/DR) have never been so easy. We’ll backup your data to our secure storage network for safe keeping.

Fast & Redundant
With diverse carriers, divergent fiber paths, and full BGP routing tables, we are able to provide a superior level of performance and fault tolerance.

Turnkey LAMP
Stack Solution
Our solution stack is entirely LAMP based, and includes all the core software necessary for administrating your server: Apache, MySQL, PHP, and more.

Managed Support
Our skilled technicians are available around the clock for assistance with troubleshooting, assistance with your preinstalled software, and any technical questions you might have.

No white boxes or baker’s racks here! Our SuperMicro and Dell rack mount, server-grade hardware provides optimal uptime and stability.

Choice of Data
Your choice of secure facilities with Redundant Power Grids, Redundant Generators, and Redundant Cooling: East Coast, U.S. & West Coast, U.S.

Available Options:

  • BR/DR Solutions
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • SiteLock Security Services
  • CloudFlare CDN & DDOS Mitigation
  • Softaculous
  • Fantastico
  • NEWEDGE ClientExec
  • SSL Certifications

Looking for a server with Windows OS, or some other flavor of Linux?

Try one of our Bare Metal Dedicated Server packages, or contact one of our experts for help!

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