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Multi-tenant or Dedicated Servers hosted in a virtualized environment providing you the ability to scale your resources up or down quickly and easily.

  • CentOS or Ubuntu Operating System
  • WHM/cPanel available with CentOS
  • Root access
  • Easy scalability
  • Performance monitoring
  • No kernel level access
from $27/month

Not everyone needs the scalability of virtualized hardware. That’s why we also offer dedicated bare-metal servers with no virtualization layer and a choice of OS.

  • Windows Server, CentOS or Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenSuse
  • WHM/cPanel available with CentOS
  • Root access
  • Full kernel access
from $329/month

Jelastic is a PaaS solution with true elastic scaling and no custom coding to an API. System resources are optimized as your applications grow and shrink, providing higher application density and the ultimate in pay-per-use pricing.

  • Deployment is Faster
  • Fully Elastic Scalability
  • GIT and SVN Support
  • Management is Simpler
  • Jelastic Developer Dashboard
  • Jelastic Mobile App
from $.02US/hour

Unsure about which option best fits your business needs and budget? We are happy to help. Speak with us about the best solution for you and/or we can design a custom solution that is optimal based on your requirements.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Cloud / Azure
  • DBaaS – Oracle, MSDB, MySQL
  • BR/DR – Full disaster recovery
  • Compliance – HIPPA
  • Private / Hybrid Cloud
  • Systems architecture

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