Flexible. Scalable. Business Solutions.

For over 20 years, ServInt has been a trusted fully-managed web hosting service provider to millions of sites worldwide. We have solutions to fit every project from launching a blog or running a multi-channel e-commerce storefront, to building a custom enterprise solution.

You Have Specialized Hosting NEEDS.
We Have Specialized MANAGED Hosting Solutions.

ServInt provides managed VPS and Cloud hosting to millions of web sites in more than 130 countries worldwide. They choose ServInt because we don’t shoe-horn our customers into one-size-fits-all hosting products. Instead, we take the time to thoughtfully guide our customers to the hosting solution that best meets their business’ specific needs — and we do all the heavy lifting required to make sure their businesses stay up and online, all the time.

Why choose ServInt?

While other companies look at server density and profit margins as measures of success, we look at the health and success of our customers and their businesses. If they are succeeding we are succeeding. In everything we do, we ask one simple question: Is it good for our customers?

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At ServInt, keeping you online and in business is our top customer support priority.


ServInt's cumulative uptime over the last 19 years is over 99.999% – and we guarantee 100% availability at all times.


At the server, network and data center levels, we offer data privacy and security commitments no other business host can match.

Data Centers

State-of-the-art multi-phase power redundancy, high security, and backup power generation systems.


Our multi-path, self-healing, 10 gigabit core network is capable of traffic rates as high as 720 gigabits per second.

Internet Policy

ServInt is committed to looking out for the rights of our clients by helping shape internet policy at the national and international level.

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