PowerPartner™ Affiliate Marketing Program
Referral Marketing & Multiple-VPS Discount Program

Do you recommend hosting services to your clients and friends, or maybe you need multiple servers to resell to your clients?

With the ServInt PowerPartner™ program, you can earn free hosting credits or cash payouts for referring new customers our way – and you don’t even need to be a ServInt customer to be a PowerPartner™. You’ll also receive discounts when you purchase additional Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages for your own user, or for reselling to your customers.

There’s no limit to the amount of money you can earn, and we make it simple to refer new customers and get paid!

For each new customer you bring us, you’ll get paid a 100% match of their base monthly subscription fee!

The Benefits Of Being A ServInt PowerPartner™:

• We provide free banner artwork for you to drive visitors to ServInt’s product pages. Alternately, if you have a preference for text links, those are an option as well. Regardless of whether you have a preference for banners or text links, your referrals are automatically attributed to your account when an order is completed.

• Starting with your second VPS, you will receive a 10% monthly discount, and the discounts increase as you buy more – either for your own use or for resale to your customers. Once you reach your 11th VPS you can earn a 15% discount, and 20% off for every VPS beyond your 20th. Alternately, if you have a need for multiple dedicated servers, contact our sales team for assistance with volume discounts.

Want to learn more?

See our PowerPartner™ Program’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and
Terms of Service for more information, or contact us with questions.

If you’re not already a ServInt client and would like to become a ServInt PowerPartner™, please fill out the form below to get started!

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ServInt reserves the right to change the payout percentages or payout schedule should we find evidence of fraudulent or unintended usage.

  • Hosting Advice
  • Computer World
  • Ars Technica

  • The New York Times
  • The Seattle Times
  • Bloomberg
  • The Hill

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