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Third-party Cloud Management Made Easy

ServInt’s Professional Services takes the stress and time out of managing complex public and private cloud solutions. Our AWS certified team of engineers are available 24/7/365 providing the highest level of support to ensure maximum performance and uptime for your third-party cloud solutions. We have certified experts ready to help you optimize your use of public, private, or hybrid clouds and manage any or all of your logistical requirements.

Let us develop your essential services like backup and recovery, ongoing management, or countless other IT workforce extension projects. From a single cloud environment to complex hybrid cloud platforms, ServInt provides the peace of mind that allows our customers to focus on their core business rather than on the underlying infrastructure.

Public Cloud

From a single plubic cloud environment to a full multi-instance platform, let ServInt provide you with an expertly architected public cloud solution.

Private Cloud

A ServInt developed private cloud will provide you with security and piece of mind. Our experts will handle the design, implementation, and ongoing management.

Hybrid Cloud

Let us combine cloud environments with traditional hosted infrastructure to provide you with an effective and cost efficiency hybrid cloud design.

Find out how ServInt’s Professional Services can save you time, effort, and costs.

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Flexible Solutions for Businesses:

Complete Solution Design

We design and support AWS cloud management for both production and pre-production (DEV and Staging) environments including new solution architecting, current solution(s) optimization, cloud-systems performance tuning and audit-ability. We design and develop solutions utilizing some or all of the following AWS solutions ensuring the services selected are correctly implemented to the client’s needs.

  • Elastic Compute Cloud – also known as EC2
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Route 53 (DNS services)
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • CloudFront (Global CDN)
  • NoSQL Data Store
  • AWS’s Auto Scaling and Automation
  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud
  • Glacier Services for Low-cost Archive Storage
  • Large Volume Data Transfer Service
  • RDS (MySQL, Oracle & SQL Server)
  • ElastiCache

Whether the client requires a multi-zone event-driven AWS deployment, is interested in augmenting their existing infrastructure to better support their SaaS application, or has a need for a hybrid cloud deployment to handle high-demand video streaming services, our certified expert can design the perfect solution.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

ServInt’s Professional Services provides full disaster recovery design and development including: snapshotting, restoration, and failover. We specialize in designing SAN or NAS block storage systems, and can also develop object-based storage environments. Our methods are tailored to a wide array of use cases including, but not limited to shared repositories and file systems, archiving, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, as well as CDN.

AWS Spend Auditing & Optimization

We analyze the customer’s implementation and use case to provide an analysis on utilization. This service is key because many clients aren’t sure whether they require “On-Demand” or “Reserved Instances” when deploying AWS architecture. Our certified AWS engineering staff will properly configure all environments, so the client avoids getting lost in all of the possible AWS service areas. We setup only what the client needs to improve their utilization, and to save them from the “billing gotchas” where spending has a tendency to get out of hand.

Security, Auditing, and Compliance

Given the market demand for infrastructure security, and the importance of data protection, we provide a variety of services to help address these common concerns.

  • Planning & Governance
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Continuous Monitoring

Compliance is another area critical for a large number of enterprises, and ServInt is able to provide its clients with guidance and assistance in the following areas.

  • Readiness & Program Management
  • Control Framework Implementation
  • SSAE16 / SOC2
  • FedRA
  • ISO 27001

High-Volume Video Delivery

ServInt can provide full private cloud solutions, or complex hybrid clouds specialized for video streaming. We are certified in using AWS’s tools and services to deliver highly customized and tailored streaming solutions – as opposed to generic streaming implementations. This gives our streaming clients more options, and more efficient approaches at accomplishing their goals.

e-Commerce Support

ServInt provides expertly architected hosting solutions designed to deliver performance and reliability for enterprise e-commerce deployments. Many e-commerce websites have a need to be able to accommodate for the sudden demand of a hot product or large promotions. We’re able to satisfy these requirements by designing solutions that allow e-commerce sites to scale their infrastructure as demand rises, and reduce their footprint again once the demand ebbs. The e-commerce solutions we provide save the customer considerable time, effort, and costs compared to more traditional infrastructure solutions approaches. Moreover, given the security and compliance needs typically associated with storing e-commerce data, our expertise allows us to design solutions in a way that accommodates any necessary technical requirements.

DevOps for SDLC

We can support any and all development and operations functions on AWS’s platform. We can also expand those functions to hybrid solutions hosted within our own data center. We are able to provide these services throughout the entire software development life cycle. Additionally, our certified AWS engineers will help streamline new or existing code deployments to assist with deployment automation as well as continuous integration.

IT Closet-To-Cloud Migrations

We will assist the client in the planning and execution of their move to the cloud. We can ensure they are taking full advantage of the AWS service(s) but not over-utilizing the cloud offerings, resulting in overspending or ending up with an improperly architected cloud deployment — which can be exceedingly costly from day one. We know where the repeated mistakes are in setting up AWS services, and can easily help our clients avoid the pitfalls.

Data Services & Database Management

ServInt provides complete database support for all platforms including Oracle EE. This goes far beyond simple installations and patches and extends into complex, multi-location database design. Our DBEs can do anything from troubleshooting simple table issues to architecting complex redundant database infrastructures — and everything in between.

Ongoing monitoring of each installed product and service

We watch the customer’s backend systems, monitoring for application and system performance issues. We then analyze that data, using our proprietary reporting functions and AWS certified staff, to work with the client on identifying and remedy potential issues.

Ongoing Management Services

We provide ongoing support for the new or existing cloud infrastructure solution. Whether we’ve architected and deployed the solution, or we’ve been asked to take over a previous deployment, we manage all facets of AWS-based environments to help the client achieve their IT goals.

From the operating system to off-the-shelf and custom written applications, ServInt provides expert-level planning, system administration, and problem resolution — allowing our clients to focus on their business. Our comprehensive OS and application administration management includes the following:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks
  • Proactive monitoring tools
  • Third party testing and validation
  • Performance load testing
  • Comprehensive security suites
  • Validation of successful backups
  • Hosting Advice
  • The New York Times
  • The Hill
  • Bloomberg
  • The Seattle Times
  • Computer World
  • Ars Technica

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