We work with non-profit and educational clients every day to offer the smartest hosting packages at the best prices.


ServInt has 20 years’ experience hosting educational sector clients, from K-12 through higher education, in both the public and private sectors. We understand you.

Low cost, quick deployment

With ServInt’s Cloud VPS solutions, educational institutions can quickly spin up hosting environments that provide reliable, powerful performance at an affordable cost — no matter what the scale.

Hosting to meet your needs

Our higher education clients typically use our hosting infrastructure for research projects, special initiatives and other tasks that require rapid procurement, quick deployment, and seamless scalability. K-12 clients frequently use their accounts for coursework, back-office operations, and student/parent communication. Whatever your need, as an educational institution, ServInt has you covered.

Our Cloud VPS is a rock-solid, powerful platform for hosting your most important content.
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  • The Hill
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  • The Seattle Times
  • Computer World
  • Ars Technica