At ServInt, keeping you online and in business is our customer support top priority.

With our 24/7 managed customer support, we will actively monitor your server and our network around the clock to ensure that you are always up and running. When we do spot trouble, we will work proactively to solve the problem and prevent service interruptions. And if you have specific needs, you can contact our hosting customer support team at any time, day or night.

Here are some additional specifics about the support we provide our CentOS customers:

Pre-Sales Support

  • Detailed answers to your questions
  • Compatibility checks
  • Custom requirements analysis
  • Product consultations
  • Platform consultations

Turn-up Support

  • Custom partitioning (dedicated servers only)
  • Hands-on installation support
  • Custom software installations
  • SSL certificate setup (upon request)
  • Account configuration assistance

Continuing Support

  • Security updates & troubleshooting
  • Port monitoring
  • Service monitoring
  • Operating system patches & upgrades
  • System monitoring
  • Technical advice & assistance

Hosting customer support contact information is not published publicly, though it is made readily available to customers. To reach a ServInt support representative, log in to your Customer Portal.

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