Service Level Agreement

100% Network Guarantee

ServInt guarantees that its data center infrastructure will be available and subject to the purchased commitment level, including facility security, power, and temperature control 100% of the time. This extends to all network infrastructure under ServInt’s direct control. Downtime due to planned network or data center maintenance is exempt from this guarantee.

100% Total Coverage Guarantee

In addition to our 100% network guarantee, we promise 100% server uptime. The only exemptions to this guarantee are downtime due to customer fault (including abuse of our AUP or ToS), planned systems maintenance, and voluntary downtime such as downtime associated with service upgrades.

100% Support Guarantee

ServInt guarantees customer access to our technical support staff around the clock. ServInt warrants against downtime associated with a loss of the ability to communicate with our Managed Services Team due to the physical loss of telephone, support ticket and e-mail access by our support staff. Loss of customer telephone and e-mail access is exempt from this guarantee.

Proactive Server Guarantee

In the event of hardware failure, ServInt guarantees replacement within two hours of identification of the failure. The only exemptions to this guarantee are downtime due to customer fault and voluntary downtime such as downtime associated with service upgrades. The guarantee covers only physical hardware replacement, and does not cover data integrity or recovery, or the rebuilding of RAID arrays or quotas.

Cloud VPS and Cloud Dedicated Site Performance Guarantee

If you are a Cloud VPS or Cloud Dedicated customer, we guarantee that your RAM, CPU, IOPS and disk space (Critical Resources) will never be unavailable for your use as a result of their failure. If they are unavailable, we will review our analytic tools to determine if the Critical Resources were in fact unavailable. We refer to these analytic tools as the System Resource Graphs. If the System Resource Graphs demonstrate that the promised level of any Critical Resources have been unavailable to the Services you’ve purchased from us during any particular month, you will receive a credit of one month’s fees for the Services that were impacted. The System Resource Graphs will be the only criteria used to demonstrate whether the Critical Resources Guarantee applies, and the determination of Critical Resource availability will be made solely on the basis of ServInt’s interpretation of the System Resource Graphs data. The Critical Resource Guarantee only applies to a failure of the Critical Resources themselves, and not to a disruption of the Services, which may include Critical Resources, as a result of disruption from a source not measured by the System Resource Graphs.

Customers Requesting Reimbursement

When an SLA event is triggered, customers can request a credit of 5% of their monthly bill for each 30 minutes of failure to meet one or more guarantee. This credit does not apply to Critical Resources. Jelastic PaaS customers will have their credit calculated based on the amount of their usage bill from the prior month.

You may receive SLA credits up to a maximum 100% of your monthly bill. SLA credits may not be aggregated, refunded, or carried over. Credits under our SLA apply only to the applicable Services. If more than one SLA applies, the SLA providing the highest credit to you will be applied. We’ve designed our SLA to provide significant compensation to you should you experience an event covered by it. It is our sole and exclusive obligation to you, and your sole and exclusive remedy, for network events set out therein.

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