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2009: The Year of ServInt. Happy New Year!

This has been an incredible year for ServInt. Despite one of the messiest economic downturns in history, we’ve been able to grow bigger, stronger, and more global, all the while maintaining the quality of service our customers have come to expect from us.

This isn’t always easy. Staying competitive in this industry requires a tremendous understanding of just how to properly create, build, promote, and launch a product or solution. Judging by the number of fly-by-night companies that started, and ended, in 2009; it serves as a powerful reminder that a good network, copious experience and open accountability are the most important aspects of any business and they are especially important to ServInt.

Here is a quick recap detailing a few of the biggest events this year for ServInt!

Winter 2009

It might be the shortest month of the year, but February was packed with exciting news. After a year of heavy investment and sometimes painful retrofitting, we finally surpassed our goal of going green by actually going climate positive! This was no small feat, ServInt is a nearly 15 year old company with power and cooling infrastructure that necessitates cutting edge performance. We couldn’t simply tear down a building and build a LEED certified data center from scratch in the middle of downtown Washington, D.C.

So a tremendous amount of energy and engineering muscle was needed to properly retrofit all of our data centers to not only do less damage to the environment, but actually contribute positively to the climate as best as we can. We set a goal to become climate positive and we beat it.

Spring 2009

All of our VPS and SuperVPS customers as far back as November 2008 might remember getting innocuous maintenance emails.

The maintenance was nothing out of the ordinary, we regularly do preventative maintenance on our host nodes to make sure things are spic-and-span, but in reality this was a months long project designed to clandestinely upgrade all our entire host node infrastructure. This initiative, codenamed internally as “Project Mayhem”, started with an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars on our part to improve the performance of all of our VPS products across our product line.

On April 1st, ServInt VPS and SuperVPS customers woke up to find their servers had dramatic resource increases at no additional cost! It was a shining example of ServInt’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and building as future-proof a product line as possible. It was also just the beginning, in the coming months we would see ServInt expand even further thanks to the foundation laid by Project Mayhem.

April was also the month wherein, after a decade long hiatus, ServInt finally began advertising again. This has always been both a fun piece of trivia as well as a testament to the loyalty of our customers. We had relied on word of mouth referral business for more than ten years, then, after we saw that we were growing despite our lack of marketing, we decided we would reenter the fray on all fronts with traditional campaigns, social media campaigns, and this very blog.

Summer 2009

This summer was big as well. We upgraded our Virtuozzo-based Enterprise Server line with an entirely new set of products designed to sit comfortably between the entry level models of our SuperVPS and our high end Dedicated and SuperVPS products.

We furthered our push into social media with the launch of our company’s official Facebook page. With added content to the blog, we continued taking part in the global conversation surrounding our ever-changing industry.

ServInt began seriously laying the groundwork for our west coast expansion in July. We expanded our Managed Services Team in both size and expertise, preparing for a new influx of clients looking to take advantage of our new location and added network muscle. Reed Caldwell, ServInt’s founder and CEO, moved to La Jolla, California and set in motion the first mechanisms for acquiring and building new data centers in Los Angeles. We began negotiations with potential upstream providers, started adding onto our existing network infrastructure to prepare for the added connectivity, and began testing hardware configurations that would eventually live on the other side of the country.

Back at the mothership in Washington, D.C., Christian Dawson was promoted to COO and Matt Loschert was promoted to CTO. This allowed ServInt the flexibility and legal capability to more efficiently run a company that was about to grow considerably. What would eventually become ServInt LA was going to be a new foundation for our infrastructure, but we knew we had to build a new foundation for our people first.

Fall 2009

Parallels released Parallels Small Business Panel, and ServInt was one of a handful of providers that were able to offer it on day one. We had seen early builds at HostingCon earlier that year that were impressive and were excited to be one of the exclusive launch partners.

However, the big news of the months, of the year, was the unveiling of the fruits of our labor.

On November 10th, ServInt LA was launched to the world.

Autumn had been a mad dash to the finish line. After our first data center in LA was up and running, we began focusing on the benefits to our core network to prepare for the launch. We knew we couldn’t simply open the doors on a new location and expect our customers to care, we had to use this investment wisely and further improve our infrastructure to create a faster network for everyone. We decided to focus on enabling smarter and more efficient best path routing as well as lay the groundwork for a whole new series of projects and network improvements we intended to release in 2010.

All in all, despite the difficulties tech companies all over the world faced, ServInt fared very well. We’re thankful for that but most assuredly do not take it for granted.

Here’s to another great year for you, your business, and your loved ones!

Happy New Year from ServInt!

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  1. Congrats on a great year guys, we're very happy for you. It's been 2 years since we moved from a much less competent and reliable host and we're very happy here. We definitely appreciated the upgrade in April BTW, that was very cool. Thanks for being an awesome web host, look forward to many more years of partnership with ServInt. Have an awesome day! Dan (and Jennifer)
    Dan | Ask Dan & Jennifer /
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