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50% More RAM on our SolidFire SSD VPS at No Extra Cost? Oh Yes We Did!

Last month ServInt announced the all-new SolidFire SSD VPS, the first VPS product to completely eliminate the “noisy neighbor” problem of disk resource contention. Adoption has been swift, and we’ve learned some interesting things about how SolidFire performs in support of typical small business hosting requirements. It’s good news for you — read on for more.

As it turns out, the SolidFire array offers even more performance, even more efficiently than we anticipated — and since we’re hosting our SolidFire clients on some of the most powerful servers in the world, we have enough spare RAM to make our packages even faster.

So here’s what we’re doing: we’re boosting the guaranteed RAM for all our SolidFire SSD VPS accounts by 50% — at no cost to you. Because that’s what we do at ServInt: pass along every possible system enhancement, as quickly as we can, as affordably as we can. If, as in this case, it turns out we can do it for no additional cost — then that’s how much more you’ll pay: zero. Now, RAM and I/O-intensive apps like databases will be even faster — and that’s saying something, since SolidFire made everything pretty darn fast to begin with.

Here are the new specs:

Essential SolidFire SSD VPS 3 GB RAM starting at $69.00
Essential+ SolidFire SSD VPS 4.5 GB RAM starting at $89.00
Signature SolidFire SSD VPS 6 GB RAM starting at $109.00
Signature+ SolidFire SSD VPS 7.5 GB RAM starting at $129.00
Ultimate SolidFire SSD VPS 9 GB RAM starting at $149.00
Ultimate+ SolidFire SSD VPS 10.5 GB RAM starting at $169.00
Super SolidFire SSD VPS 12 GB RAM starting at $189.00

If you currently have a SolidFire SSD VPS on ServInt’s network, your new RAM has already been upgraded.

Want to check your RAM stats? Read our instructions here.

If you are still considering our all-SSD cloud storage line of servers, check out the updated product page for more information.

This is only one of many announcements surrounding our all-new SolidFire SSD VPS. We are continually developing and refining this product to ensure that it stays on the cutting edge of small business hosting technology, so stay tuned to the ServInt Source in the coming weeks and months for more great product news.

Photo by Rod Waddington

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