7 Advantages to Leveraging Hybrid Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery (BR/DR) in Amazon Web Services

Hybrid Cloud storage solutions can be customized easily based on price, performance, security, and scalability. A common use-case of hybrid cloud storage is for Back-up and Recovery/Disaster Recovery (BR/DR). Dedicated or virtualized servers provide functionality for customer-facing applications such as web, database, and security while cloud is utilized for data storage and retrieval.

Advantages of AWS Hybrid Cloud BR/DR include:

  1. Mission critical data is stored off-server and off-premise
  2. Data stored in the cloud is automatically replicated by Amazon S3 providing 99.999999999% durability
  3. No third party backup software is required
  4. Cloud storage solutions do not require additional infrastructure purchases which helps keep costs down and minimizes time to implementation
  5. Capability scales on demand
  6. Continuous replication of data means I/O is not spent on backups and therefore is available for mission critical applications
  7. The solution is OS agnostic – it supports both Windows and Linux in either a dedicated or virtualized environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the AWS Storage Gateway as an ideal solution for cloud BR/DR.  It is a cost and resource efficient solution featuring pay-as-you-go pricing with virtually unlimited storage capacity.  Expensive hardware purchases, protracted provisioning lead times, and continual maintenance can be greatly reduced or avoided altogether through the deployment of the cloud-based BR/DR capability in AWS.  It is completely transparent to the servers.  No special backup server software is required for storage or retrieval. Backups are stored as point-in-time snapshots in Amazon S3 backed by Amazon’s 99.999999999% data durability guarantee. The snapshot interval and retention schedule can be customized to meet the solution’s requirements. Additionally, snapshots can be automatically migrated on a customized schedule into Amazon Glacier for long-term cost-efficient storage.

The SolidFire storage array provides consistent performance by guaranteeing the availability of customizable Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS). The performance and capacity can be increased without impacting any customer facing applications. Security is guaranteed by 256-bit at-rest encryption.

Hybrid Cloud

ServInt, in partnership with AWS and SolidFire, offers a hybrid cloud BR/DR solution that maximizes the performance of an all-flash on premise storage array, fast and reliable servers, and backup into the highly durable AWS cloud.  A storage solution backed by SolidFire and AWS can be customized based on price, performance, security, and scalability. ServInt is committed to providing personalized hosting solutions that best fit our customers’ unique requirements.  Learn more about ServInt, our Hybrid Cloud and AWS offerings at

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