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Friendly Competition – Thanks from ServInt

The past 24 hours have been really fascinating for us at ServInt, both as a hosting provider and as a citizen of the internet.

When Reed decided he wanted to comment on the recent outages at Rackspace, we were initially taken aback. Why would we say anything about a competitor at all? After all, Ford doesn’t ‘stand by’ GM. Apple doesn’t ‘stand by’ Microsoft.


We disagree.

Fundamentally, we wanted to get the point across that we supported Rackspace/Slicehost as colleagues and friendly competitors.  To use Reed’s great analogy, we were appalled by the sudden rush of opportunistic “vultures” smelling blood. They are bad for our business and for our industry.

Reed got a few paragraphs together, posted it on our blog, and things exploded. We saw a lot of support from Rackspace employees and Rackspace customers alike, and plenty of support from the twitterverse who understand how complex this technology can be. Like us at ServInt, many were impressed with the transparency and communication Rackspace displayed.

What this ordeal shows, however, is that a larger conversation has to happen about the industry as a whole.  Companies like ServInt and Rackspace who have been around for a while know how great it is to be surrounded by competitors that challenge you to be better.  To innovate.  To collaborate.  To create a marketplace that is, like many of our products, Open Source.

Now I don’t mean to sound coy, Rackspace is still a competitor and we feel that ServInt’s VPS and Dedicated Servers are the best, but they are friends and colleagues who have given a lot to our industry.

So, thank you to everyone who has stood with us in support of Rackspace, thanks to those of you who have learned about ServInt and visited our sites, and thanks to Rackspace for being one of the handful of companies out there with the guts to own their problem and prove they are one of the best.

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