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Awesome job, Desert Bus for Hope!

Shortly after midnight this morning, a crew of bleary-eyed gamers and assorted other cool people set down their joysticks and counted the money they’d raised for the Child’s Play charity. After 158 straight hours of playing history’s most maddeningly idiotic video game, Desert Bus for Hope had raised more than $635,000.

To this, as the humble provider of free hosting for the Desert Bus for Hope gang, we say:  HOLY SMOKES!  Oh, and: you guys are incredible.  And thanks.  And — we can’t wait until next year.

Seriously, you guys are amazing.  Thanks for letting us hop on board for the ride.

To the rest of the world, we say:  it’s always a good time to donate to Child’s Play — if you missed the barely controlled madness of this year’s Desert Bus event, don’t wait another year to donate — go do your part today!

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