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Changes and New Leadership

When I first entered the hosting industry, there was a “Wild West” feel to it. Everything was wide open, and adventurous people were exploring and pushing the boundaries of the internet and its capabilities. Over the years, as the technology and the business sides of the industry evolved, the internet matured into what we know and use today. Although this has been tremendous for the online user experience, I think we can safely say the “Wild West” has been settled.

So this isn’t about the Trump Administration, it is about ServInt’s Leadership in the DC offices. On Monday, I sent an announcement to all ServInt clients—people and business who have trusted us with their Web Hosting solution for many, many years—announcing my return to the day-to-day operations of the company after stepping away for a while due to personal reasons. This, combined with my thoughts about the history of hosting as we approach our 22nd anniversary this February, has caused me to spend a lot of time reflecting on who ServInt is, and why we’re so important to the thousands of individuals and companies who do business with us. 

Put simply, not everyone wants to do business with the biggest possible company, where they risk being just a customer number and the target of endless up-sell campaigns. For others, the deep relationship they form with us gives them the confidence and agility to operate their business rather than focus on ours. It is always my goal to provide an outstanding experience for our clients with a personalized relationship built on our core values.

My hope is that the values we have held within the industry for so many years will hold strong. The personal interaction that has helped build the community and foster the sharing of knowledge, as well as the adventurous spirit that has pushed technology further and faster than ever. That said, the recent news about WiredTree has saddened me. I’ve always considered WiredTree to be a worthy competitor, and in some cases, even an ally. WiredTree and ServInt shared many goals—among the most important providing an outstanding hosting experience—losing the WiredTree brand is a bit of a hit to the industry as a whole.

With the hosting industry moving toward bigger and bigger companies, I believe there is still a large segment of individuals and businesses seeking hosting that want the personal touch, and an outstanding hosting experience. With the way so many companies push marketing points and up-sells, it isn’t surprising how often I’ve felt like nothing but a dollar amount when dealing with a large corporation. This is something I want to avoid. I want ServInt to always be the company that appreciates every single customer. The company that understands what it is like to start up and grow a business, and the one who is here to give you the best possible experience.

This is my focus, part of my founding vision, and the direction I continue to push ServInt—just as I have for over two decades.

 Reed Caldwell – CEO

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