Chips Ahoy! ServInt, the inventor of Java and Jelastic on the High Seas

Question: What do ServInt, “father of Java” James Gosling and autonomous, globe-trekking, wave-powered floating robots all have in common?

Answer: Jelastic!

James Gosling, the author of the Java programming language, recently spoke about his new venture: using Java to program the robots built by Liquid Robotics that are right now sailing the oceans of the world, collecting data and transmitting it via satellite to servers around the world.

These amazing machines look something like surf boards decked out with scientific gear and solar arrays.

But don’t let looks fool you. These are no glorified boogie boards. They are chock full of cutting-edge technology and scientific measuring equipment, and beneath the surface of the water, these robots have an ingenious propulsion system that harnesses the energy of wave action to create forward momentum propelling them across vast distances at a remarkably steady 1.5 knots as they measure their environment and relay data via satellite back to Liquid Robotics servers.

So what’s this all have to do with ServInt?

For some time, ServInt has been quietly proud to count James Gosling and Liquid Robotics among our Jelastic customers. But it wasn’t until very recently that Gosling explained how he is using Java and Jelastic to process and transmit data from the robots.

In the video, Gosling goes on to say, “I really love Jelastic… It’s a Java hosting system so you don’t get a bare Linux machine. What you get is a JavaEE container, and you can drop WAR files on it, and they’ve got this really nice control panel where you get a slider that says how many clones of Glassfish do you want, a check box that says you want MySQL or Cassandra or Mongo or whatever [database system]. You don’t have to go into the Linux ‘Oh my God, what it takes to install anything.’ It’s like which version of Linux is compatible with which app server and what time… No. They just take care of that and it works lovely.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Check out the Jelastic blog or Liquid Robotics sites if you want to learn more about their technology or the new venture of the “father of Java,” James Gosling. And if you want to see what Jelastic can do for you, sign up for a free trial today.

Photo by Frankenmedia
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