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Christian Dawson Says Goodbye to ServInt After 17 Years

Friends, colleagues, partners and customers;

I’m coming to you with the news that I’ve decided to move on from ServInt – the home of my proudest achievements in business and countless friends and incredible experiences for 17 years. Before I explain why, I want to start as I will end: Thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart for making it such an incredible experience.

I don’t take this decision lightly. The incredible team we put together created a culture of excellence at ServInt that I couldn’t be prouder of. Getting to lead a team that passionately believes in managed customer support and operational excellence has been a joy. I have come to work every day at ServInt proud to pour my effort and time into a company that puts the customer first.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 17 years, it’s that what we do in this industry is important. We are in a noble profession. We build the foundation on which people put their businesses, their ideas, their hopes and dreams  and sometimes their cat pictures  out into the world. We are the foundation of the digital economy and of the way all of us communicate today. The Internet’s infrastructure brings us all closer together. People sometimes say the world is getting worse but I firmly believe it is getting better and what we do is part of the reason why.

As we have built ServInt, Reed and I and the rest of our incredible team have put that respect for what we do how important it is to get right into the DNA of the company. Our culture is impeccable.

But it’s what I love about ServInt that actually ultimately made me decide to move on. This passion I have for the Internet infrastructure industry has started to exceed what I can do while operating a single entity. The Internet advocacy work I’ve done over the past few years with the Save Hosting Initiative, ICANN, M3AAWG and most notably the i2Coalition, has shown me that I can make an impact for this industry on a global scale if I can find the right way to dedicate my time and attention. I’m stepping away to do just that.

Immediately my goals are to continue to serve as Chairman of our industry’s trade association, i2Coalition, and to work on some industry-related consulting projects I’ve got lined up. Ultimately my goal is to find ways to maximize my value to our entire industry when it comes to being an advocate, educator and innovator about the important work we do in building the Internet.

For now I will say these words to the people with whom I have worked at ServInt as colleagues, friends, partners, employees and clients my heart is overflowing with love for you and all that you do. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. It’s not goodbye, we are just shifting into the next chapter, full of promise and excitement.

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  1. As a customer since 2006, I am disappointed to see you go from ServInt. We have corresponded in the past and you were always helpful. I think it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Reed is losing a pillar of strength. Here's wishing you the very best.
  2. Best wishes for you as this next chapter in your career begins! I've had the pleasure of watching you help foster i2C from it's very start, and the industry advocacy role fit you like a glove since day one. I know that the passion and conviction you bring to your work there and in whatever other projects you have in mind ... will have benefits for decades to come for providers in this industry!
    Douglas Toombs /
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