Control Panel (cPanel/WHM)

Control Panel FAQs

What is a control panels? What is it used for?

A control panel is an administrative tool used to manage many of the features and operations of a server including accounts, services, upgrades and software. Control panels run on your server and provide an excellent way to gain more control of your account.

What Control Panel software does ServInt offer?

ServInt offers cPanel/WHM. We consider cPanel a “best of breed” technology and believe a single offering is the most effective approach to servicing our customers. All ServInt technicians are cPanel certified, and are able to provide the highest degree of support possible.

What’s the cost of a VPS control panel?

cPanel/WHM is included at no charge on Flex VPS products and for $10/month on Cloud VPS, Cloud Dedicated, and Flex dedicated.

Do you offer “VPS Optimized” cPanel or standard cPanel Licensing?

If you sign up for one of our Virtuozzo-based products — Cloud VPS or Dedicated and Flex VPS or dedicated — and you choose cPanel/WHM as your interface, the cPanel/WHM license will be VPS Optimized. The memory usage footprint for control panel systems can be somewhat demanding and, when working within a virtual environment, can have an impact on overall performance. Therefore, the use of cPanel’s VPS Optimized version delivers the maximum performance possible for your virtualized system.

If you purchase one of our bare metal servers without virtualization software,on the other hand, the standard cPanel/WHM licensing will be installed.

If you’re still wondering if a server control panel is right for you, check out the University article, Do I need a Control Panel? for more insights.

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