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Data Center FAQs

Are your data centers manned 24/7?

Yes. ServInt maintains engineering and technical staff at all times and ensures availability at all locations. ServInt’s Managed Services Team is based in Northern Virginia. They are able to access and work on your server with the same level of attention regardless of its location.

Is the support the same for all ServInt data centers?

Yes. All of our products are managed by the same Managed Services Team with on-the-ground engineers at each location. You can expect the same top-notch service that ServInt has always delivered no matter which facility you choose.

Will I be able to access all of my servers under the same portal login regardless of data center?

Yes. As long as you sign up for all servers using the same account details, all of your ServInt products will be available under the same portal ID.

Do I have to pick the data center I would like or will you pick for me?

With data centers spread over multiple continents, it is necessary for customer to choose their preference. This article will help you decide the location best for your application. And if you want to speak to us about which is best suited for your specific needs, our sales team can be reached at

What special services are available that take advantage of the power of multiple data centers?

Because all our data centers are connected, every ServInt customer sees tangible network benefits. Stay tuned for future developments as we work on projects that will allow you to even better experience an integrated bi-coastal hosting experience.

Are all of ServInt’s current products available at every data center?

ServInt does its best to maintain product availability in all data centers. However all products are subject to availability and could sell out at a certain location at any given time. Please review this article or check our product pages for current information.

Are there any advantages to one of your data centers over another?

Yes. To some extent distance is very important on the Internet. Even on an extremely fast network, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. it’s therefore better to be hosted closer to where your viewers generally will be. ServInt LA may better serve people with constituents primarily on the west coast of North America and in Asia, Latin America and Australia. ServInt DC may be the optimal choice for people with viewers on the east coast of North America and in the Caribbean. ServInt EU was designed to server the needs of customers trying to reach Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

See our article on choosing a data center for more information.

Are all your data centers equally well connected?

Yes. And moreover, they are connected to each other. This means that each data center benefits from the network infrastructure of the others. Still, it is important the you choose a data center location that gives you the lowest latency between your servers and your customers. Use our speedtest page to determine which location is right for you.

Are LA, DC and EU the only three data centers that you maintain?

No. ServInt operates multiple data centers out of North America and Europe, but is currently selling exclusively into the three data centers that we feature here on our website.

Why DC, LA and Amsterdam?

All three areas have the extremely rich distribution points. If you want to be where the foot traffic is you are going to put your store on a main thoroughfare. In the same way, if you want to connect your customers as quickly as possible you go where the fastest providers connect using the fastest methods.

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