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Dear Asia, We’d Love Your Business

Nearly half of our customers are overseas.

That’s pretty staggering when you think about it. After all, we don’t do a tremendous amount of advertising, our ad campaigns are fairly modest compared to some of our competitors. In fact, we began advertising earlier this year after nearly a decade of going ad-free and focusing entirely on support and word of mouth referrals.

Needless to say, we’re proud that folks around the world love our service. In light of this, I thought I’d make a few points about why Asian entrepreneurs should consider hosting with a U.S. provider, and especially us at ServInt.

It’s all about the Pipes

Asian Internet startups don’t lack innovation, what they lack is infrastructure.

Now, I admit that’s a bit of a generalization. There are indeed very well connected internet hubs in Asia such as locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan to name a few, but cost is a serious drawback to hosting in these hubs.

Singapore, for example, is a popular hosting location for a lot of small businesses in Asia. Similar packages to our own here at ServInt will regularly run you upwards of S$129/US$93 for lower resources compared to our own $49 essential package. This, coupled with exorbitant bandwidth charges, nonsensical control panel licensing costs, and outrageous charges for extra IP’s make these packages prohibitive for most businesses who aren’t simply spamming — which, by the way, is a specialty of many of these providers. The terms “bulk mail friendly” and “VPS” should give shivers to any legitimate business looking for reliable uptime and steady access to resources.

For customers in China, or for those doing a majority of business within China, Internet Content Provider (ICP) licenses and living with the Golden Shield Project/Great Firewall are legitimate concerns for anyone making money online. The ICP license is issued to any and all websites that operate and do business within China. For companies that offer services located within the mainland, this is a must have as a site will be blocked if it does not acquire a license. ServInt, along with nearly every other American web service provider, isn’t even permitted to apply for these licenses. Instead, American and European based corporations must partner with Chinese firms to move into the country.

The advantage of not having a direct location in mainland China is that our services are not affected by the Great Firewall (at least not now, you can check here) This makes ServInt, and similar U.S. and European based service providers ideal for corporate mail servers, rich-media content servers, blogging platforms, and western-based corporate sites. Email within the People’s Republic of China can be excruciatingly slow, and with access to a powerful network connected to our latest West Coast data center, Chinese customers can reap the rewards of our very healthy infrastructure.

Finally, the vast majority of our Asian customers are in India. There has been a tremendous swell of internet entrepreneurship in India and, again, reliable and affordable infrastructure is the bottle neck that is slowing that growth. Considering just how many startups in Southeast Asia are targeted at the West as it is, hosting your business in the United States with ServInt provides you with blazing fast connectivity to two of the worlds largest internet traffic hubs. The VAST majority of the world’s Internet traffic passes through the combined hubs where our data centers are located, allowing you unprecedented physical proximity to potential clients and direct connections to internationally routed fiber.

We’re in DC and LA because that’s where the traffic is. Our LA datacenter means great performance for customers based in Asia along with all the other benefits of being hosted in the United States. We’ve got real 24/7 support, so you can rely on us anytime night or day regardless of your hemisphere or timezone.

In short, we’re focused on your success Asia, and there’s never been a better time for you to join the ServInt family.

Photo by Reto Fetz

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  1. Tony, that depends on what you mean by that. We are vehemently anti-SPAM, but at the same time understand that not all mail, and not even all 'bulk' mail sent to a list, is SPAM. So we'd want to discuss your circumstances. Write and they can talk it out with you.
  2. But is Servint ok with a CAN-SPAM Compliant Mailing List Service?? Would love to know!
  3. Being one of your customers from South East Asia, we're happy with your service with 2 VPS accounts. :) Thank you for the great service!
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