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Did you get the memo?

Today, ServInt announced my promotion to Chief Technology Officer.  While you may or may not have heard my name until now, I have led the company’s technical operations for quite some time despite keeping a relatively low profile. I suppose it’s my nature as I’m not particularly into blogs, forums, social networking, etc. That being said, with the move to this position and the responsibilities it entails, something tells me those days are numbered and you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.

So, a little about me, I came to ServInt 11 years ago from Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), and have not looked back since. I came looking for a challenge and for the opportunity to work with and develop cutting edge software. I had been surprised to find that the reality of corporate consulting consisted of working with and maintaining antiquated systems that had been purchased by clients decades prior. I should have known better, but I was fresh out of college. What did I know?

Upon arrival at ServInt, I knew that I had found something different. Back then, we had a small group of highly talented and interesting personalities working here. It sounds almost trite to describe the place as fast-paced and dynamic, but it was, and I realize now that I have simply come to take that for granted. The Internet has evolved constantly in that time and the only companies that have survived have been the ones that have embraced change and evolved with it. We did that, and consequently, we’re still here.

While some of the details have changed over time, the challenges that we face now are in many ways the same that we faced a decade ago. How do we remain at the forefront of an industry that is in constant flux? The defining characteristics of web hosting never seem to be the same from year to year, and sometimes not even from quarter to quarter. The answer to that question brings us to one of the real differences between ServInt then and now.

In the last decade, our approach towards innovation has evolved. Back in the day, we had a bias against software and solutions that came from outside of the organization. We wanted ultimate control of our destiny and we felt that to retain that, we had to develop all solutions in-house. We would have no one to blame but ourselves if we failed.

Over time, we discovered that as the rate of change in this industry accelerated, a closed mentality could kill us; the only way we could survive was to locate great partners and integrate the best new technologies. We found that we could remain competitive because the ultimate success of our strategy depended on the proper choice of partners, the quality of our integration work, and the speed with which we could roll-out new technologies. That is something that cannot be easily duplicated, either by an industry newcomer, or by a large, well-funded competitor.

So, now it’s time for me to change. I can’t just operate in stealth mode any longer. We have a whole host of new ideas, initiatives, and services which we think will revolutionize hosting. My role is to bring this vision of ours to you – to show you what it means, sift through the hype, dampen the noise, dispel disinformation, and help you to make sense of the present and future of this industry. I’ll do my best not to lead you astray.

Photo by Michael Cory

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