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Does ServInt offer any reseller, referral or other discount programs?

ServInt is proud to offer our PowerPartner program, which includes reseller, referral and affiliate tools. This program allows customers and non-customers alike to receive hosting credits or cash for sending clients our way, as well as discounts towards the subsequent orders you place with us.

Referral and affiliate tools

When you refer a new client to ServInt, we provide you with a portion of the referred client’s order value as a credit towards your account. If the referred client mentions your name on the sign-up form, or you notify us that someone you’ve referred has signed up, we’ll applying hosting credits to your account.

You’ll have the ability to create campaigns and track your progress, select from a variety of banner options and design text links to promote ServInt to your site visitors. In ruturn, when someone signs up for service, using one of your affiliate links, your account will get credited for their order.

Reseller and multiple VPS purchasing

PowerPartners also earn discounts on multiple VPS purchases, whether for resellling or their own use. After your first VPS purchase from ServInt at our standard rates, each additional server ordered can save you a lot of money. VPS numbers two through nine save you 10%. 10 to 19, 15% — and setting up 20 or more accounts can save you 20% or more. Note that these discounts are cumulative, over your lifespan as a customer with ServInt. All it takes to get your savings is to register as a PowerPartner.

To learn more, please visit the PowerPartners Program page or log into your customer portal.

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