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Flex Dedicated v3 Upgrade Fee

Can I upgrade versions on my dedicated server (ex: Flex Express v2 to Flex Express v3)?

Enterprise server hardware, like home computer hardware, is getting more powerful and less expensive all the time. At ServInt, we believe in passing those improvements on to our customers, while pushing the competitive envelope in the hosting marketplace. To that end, we periodically refresh all of our dedicated server packages in giving our clients an opportunity to use the latest and greatest technology.

In order to facilitate this in a sustainable way, we offer updates to the latest version of your current dedicated server package for a one time $199 fee within two years of the original purchase date or the date of the most recent package tier modification. Otherwise, if you have been on your current package for two years or more, we will update your server (upon request), to the newest version of your package at no additional cost! As always, if you’re upgrading into our Flex servers, or to a higher Flex package tier, there will not be a one-time fee associated with the upgrade—regardless of when you purchased your server or requested your last upgrade.

If you are interested in upgrading to the current version of your existing package or have any questions about what’s involved, please feel free to contact our Sales Department. We can be reached via live chat through this website, email at, or by ticket through the customer portal.

Can you waive the upgrade fee?

If we didn’t have the one time upgrade fee, we would have to build it into the monthly cost of every server. That approach would raise the price across the board and isn’t really fair to people who don’t necessarily need or want the newest technology as soon as it’s released. We have chosen to go with a one time voluntary fee instead. It will not be possible to waive this one time fee.

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