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Flex: The Next Generation of Hosting Technology

ServInt has always been about giving its customers flexibility. When we started, we entered a market full of shared servers. We started giving people the power of a full server — and this was back in 1995 before it was even called a dedicated server. We were early to the giving-people-lots-of-power party.

We did the same thing with our VPS platform. We saw a world filled with terrible, low-end dedicated servers that had no redundancy and meager power. We realized we could give customers more power, more scalability and more redundancy using virtualization and were one of the first companies to push the VPS as a “dedicated server replacement” platform.

A couple years back we brought our virtualization layer to our dedicated server line and it became the Solo Series. The goal was to give our dedicated customers the same flexibility that our VPS customers had, so if they needed to quickly move up or down in resources we’d have their backs.

Over the years we’ve become known as a company who helps companies scale nimbly. Customers who thought they might end up on Oprah or shoot to #1 on the best-seller list knew that we had the kind of scalable infrastructure to let them do it quickly and easily. One of our customers famously broke the big Tiger Woods story a few years back and went from being a very popular website to being one of the 20 most popular websites on the Internet. ServInt had it covered.

Because our company has all that background in virtualization, we were able to build a new server line that pushed the envelope even further on flexibility. The whole hosting market is moving more towards flexibility. As our VP of Marketing, Fritz Stolzenbach, pointed out earlier this week, many in the industry have adopted “cloud” as a catch-all term for extremely flexible hosting platforms.

ServInt’s new Flex Private line is a premium alternative to our competitors’ “private cloud” offerings. It gives customers the scalable benefits of a cloud environment with the power, reliability and speed of dedicated hardware.

With Flex you can increase or decrease your storage and RAM within platforms instantly and without downtime, and you can migrate between package levels with great speed and efficiency.

And this new control and efficiency extends through our entire line of servers, which is why we renamed our VPS line Flex VPS, to give credit to the long-lasting scalability of that platform, which just keeps getting better.

So that’s it—the story of ServInt is the story of getting more power and flexibility into the hands of our clients. Welcome to the cloud. Welcome to Flex.

Christian Dawson is the Chief Operating Officer of ServInt.
Photo by Patrick Hoesly
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