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The Washington DC area is a funny place to live for many reasons, and one of those is certainly its officially panicky reaction to any tiny incident of inclement weather. Out-of-towners are frequently perplexed by decisions to close schools and other institutions when things turn a tiny bit snowy, or windy, or rainy.

This storm, however, is different. We won’t add to the cacophony of voices describing in terrifying detail exactly how much more awful this storm is likely to be compared to our normal inclement weather — just take our word for it. The skies are black, rain is pouring down, and the wind is picking up ominously.

So what does our Frankenstorm armageddon mean for you and your online business? Probably nothing! The following blog entry was posted by our CTO, Matt Loschert, during our last major weather event, for Hurricane Irene in 2011. Some minor weather-related policies and procedures have been added since this was written, but it’s still an excellent summary of what we do to keep our business — and yours — humming along despite the vagaries of Mother Nature.

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