FTP and cPanel/WHM FAQs

Here are some common FTP tasks that can be completed in cPanel/WHM.

How do I create FTP accounts in cPanel/WHM?

  1. Log into cPanel and click on FTP Accounts under Files.
  2. Enter the desired FTP user, the password of your choice, and the directory that the user will have access to. If the directory is left blank, the user will have access to the entire public_html directory.
  3. You can also set a quota that limits the space of the user.
  4. When finished, click Create.

How do I FTP to my cPanel server?

  1. If you do not already have one, download and install an FTP client onto your desktop computer. A popular one that is also free is Filezilla.
  2. Fill in the following credential into your FTP client:
    • Host: Server IP
    • Username: The cPanel username for the account using FTP.
    • Password: The password for the above cPanel account.
    • Port: Can be left blank, unless changed by you, the default port is assumed by the client to be 21.
  3. Click the Connect or Login button (depending on your client).

How do I view my public_ftp folder using cPanel/WHM?

  1. Log into cPanel and click on File Manager under Files. A pop-up box entitled File Manager Directory Selection will appear.
  2. Select Public FTP Root (public_ftp) and then click Go at the bottom.

How do I enable or disable anonymous FTP using cPanel/WHM?

  1. Log into cPanel and click on Anonymous FTP under the Files section.
  2. You can either check or uncheck the box next to “Allow anonymous access to ftp://ftp.domain.com.”
  3. Click Save Settings.

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