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Global Change Fuels Internet Growth

The world is in the midst of profound economic, social and environmental change that is overturning conventional wisdom.  The best course of action is to meet todays challenges head on with new ideas, fostering creativity and encouraging innovation.

That’s why I believe we are at the beginning of the Internet’s latest growth surge.  With confidence in large corporations at an all time low, today’s entrepreneurs are creating new opportunities that will increase our reliance on the Internet for basic goods, services and entertainment.

As the economy shrinks, consumers are rediscovering the value of shopping online to secure better value, reduce travel costs and save time.  As entertainment budgets constrict, consumers are scouring the Internet for new ways to spend their leisure time without leaving home.  And, as travel spending disappears, people are using the Internet to stay in touch with loved ones via the latest video conferencing applications.

The ease, convenience and cost efficiency of Internet communications is helping to maintain existing relationships.  It is also fueling the start of new online communities that can be cherished and cultivated.  The economic downturn has served as a golden opportunity to make the Internet more vital than ever before.

At ServInt, we are working diligently to help e-commerce firms and other Internet companies lead the next major surge in the worldwide economy.  We provide the high-bandwidth server capacity, security, continuity and around-the-clock support to ensure 100 percent uptime.

Over our 14-year history, we have helped thousands of customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.  Our business has never been stronger.  As a result, there has never been a better time to rely on our service to help enable your company’s growth.

Far from being intimidated by current economic conditions, at ServInt we are ideally positioned to help our customers maintain firm control of their destiny  and create new economic success stories.

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