Green IT

Green hosting is a Kaizen (改善) project.

The word ‘Kaizen’ (改善) is Japanese for “continuous improvement”. ServInt’s green initiative is a Kaizen project. We’re excited about what we’ve done so far, but we never expect to be truly done.

We’ll never be done, because there will always be another aspect of ‘green’ to tackle. There will also be new ideas to explore – some worthwhile and some that prove to be very bad. Just for fun, let’s take a look at a quote that my friend Doug shared with me a while back:

A single human produces 480 kg of CO2 per year on average.

A single active human produces 520 kg of CO2 per year on average.

His moral? The less you do, the better off we all are. By that logic, Doug says that if we all automate our daily operations, we can save the environment!

That’s a pretty funny thought, but obviously untrue. The ‘automated human’ uses tools that generate their own CO2 footprint. Those tools are bound to cause more environmental damage than could possibly be saved by sitting around doing as little as possible. So… sorry… sitting on the couch just isn’t going to save the world.

Doug’s tongue-in-cheek idea of the ‘automated human’ being more green does make you think about the actual challenges of going green. If you really want to be ‘green’ you need to look at the environmental impact of EVERYTHING you do, and everything you use to do it with. Take a moment to try to imagine how you would quantify and analyze the impact of everything you do, and everything you use to do it with. It’s pretty daunting, isn’t it?

ServInt faces those challenges as we continue to explore ways to provide ‘green’ hosting to our customers. We try to analyze every aspect of how we do what we do, in an attempt to make wise and environmentally conscious business decisions. We start with decisions that are good for the environment and good for business too. Those are the easy ones. Many of the other choices we make are tough, complicated decisions. We want to make a tangible difference, and seek to provide a truly ‘green’ service to our customers, but not everything is cut-and-dry.

A Kaizen project looks at the achievement of business goals as an ongoing journey that never ends. A Kaizen project constantly strives for the next level. One of MY goals with this blog will be to highlight and describe ServInt’s journey for you. I’ll talk a bit about some of our initiatives – some of the things we’ve done, and some of the things we still need to do.

We’re proud of our accomplishments but we know we have tough decisions up ahead as well. A Kaizen project never reaches a final form, but constantly evolves. ServInt’s green initiatives aspires to do just that. We’ll continue to do our best to find ways to offer you the best hosting service out there. We’ll also take on the challenge to do it in a responsible way, focused on continuous improvement.

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